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Thread: Sonic -- Cheesecake Bites

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    Red face Sonic -- Cheesecake Bites

    Just realized that my favorite Sonic - good food/kid friendly atmosphere -- has DISCONTINUED one of my favorite items! -- the Cheesecake Bites with Strawberry Sauce. These were very very good and just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth on my WW program. (1 or 2 after their grilled chicken wrap!). What am I to do? I was already driving basically out of my way to get there to satisfy my daughters -- and now my favorite treat is gone! Does anyone out there have any idea how we can re-create the Cheesecake Bites? Thanks in advance!

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    fatkat Guest


    Not my Tried and True recipe but from recipelink.com


    1 frozen cheesecake (notes say use a heavy style cheesecake)
    4 cups buttermilk
    1 box graham cracker crumbs, crushed
    peanut oil (try sesame oil if peanut oil is not available, but not vegetable oil, it won't taste good)

    Defrost cheesecake slightly and cut into bite size pieces.

    Pour buttermilk into bowl. Dip bite size pieces individually in buttermilk. Shake off excess milk and coat with cracker crumbs. Place on plate or tray and re-freeze for 1-3 hours.

    Heat oil to 325 degrees F. Drop the cheesecake bites into hot oil a few at a time and pull them out approximately 1 minute later, when they start to float. Place on paper towel to drain and cool slightly.

    Serve warm with strawberries and cream. These are great served with strawberries in juice (not pie filling) and whipped cream layered in a bowl or glass.

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    Here Sara Lee makes cheesecake bites. They are in the frozen food section. I love sonics grillers!!

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