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Thread: Nankin Mn. Wanderers Punch Recipe

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    jeanoconno Guest

    Question Nankin Mn. Wanderers Punch Recipe

    5 years ago we had the Nankin Restaurant in downtown Mpls. MN. They are now out of business, does anyone have the Wanderers Punch recipe I always loved?

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    penguin47 Guest

    Talking Punch recipe

    I have a recipe, but it is for a 4-5 gallon batch. I got it from one of the bartenders at the Nankin. It is quite powerful. Let me know if you want it!

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    I would love the punch recipe penquin47..we're having a 50th bday party soon for a friend, and it would be great to make for that. thanks!

    A day without laughter is a day wasted...Charlie Chaplin

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    penguin47 Guest

    Talking Her it is...

    He says not to drink this on an empty stomach. When you see the ingredients you'll know why.

    In a large 5 gallon container (he says 5 gallon soda keg) mix:

    1 gallon (real) orange juice
    1 liter sweet and sour mix
    2/3 bottle Rose's grandine
    1/2 liter Triple Sec

    (here's where you get drunk):

    1 liter light rum
    1 liter dark rum
    1 liter golden rum ( he says to use Barcardi for the light and golden rum and Myers for the dark)

    and here is where everyone gets really drunk :

    1 liter of 151 proof rum

    mix well...serve over ice with a orange slice and maraschino cherry!

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    Ohhhh ho ho ho MAN.

    Maybe there's finally a rival to my beloved Planter's Punch, this looks amazing...and perfect for the housewarming party I'm planning for my apartment!

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    wanderersgarden Guest

    Default Re: Nankin Mn. Wanderers Punch Recipe

    The recipe came from wanderers garden in minnetonka mn, a spin off from the nankin in 1997. They have same recipes as the nankin. The sesame chicken is still the best in town.
    The son of golden is still a regular customer. The restaurant is located at 13059 ridgedale drive minnetonka mn website is www.wanderersgarden.com

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    Default Re: Nankin Mn. Wanderers Punch Recipe

    Sounds similar to a Hurricane.....
    But no pineapple.
    Have you made time to listen to the birds today........

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