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Thread: Recipes using Captain Crunch cereal?

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    sameoldkris Guest

    Default Recipes using Captain Crunch cereal?

    DS has decided he doesn't like it anymore so I still have at least l/2 box. Hate to waste it as cereal is so expensive.
    Anyone have treats of some kind to make with it? I can take them to work or send them to DH's shop.

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    JeannieB Guest


    candy, cookies and bars: http://www.cooks.com/rec/search/0,1-0,captain_crunch,FF.html

    captain crunch crab cakes: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Recipes/story?id=1490792

    captain crunch chicken: http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/quantity/captain-crunch-chicken.htm

    I just googled recipes using captain crunch cereal and those came up as the first three. Sounds like you have a lot of options! Good Luck!

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    I think I've had Cap'n Crunch bars made just like Rice Crispies bars. I have never made them but I've seen them. I've tried other kinds of cereal though like Fruity Pebbles and that's good. I think you can use Fruit Loops and there's all sorts of other possibilities.

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    coolbreeeeze Guest


    Planet Hollywood has a recipe for capn crunch chicken. Its pretty good. I know there are recipes out there for it. Give it a try.

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    I end up eating so much rejected stuff - i'm the human garbage can .....
    I don't want buns of steel. I want buns of cinnamon !!!

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    My vote is for the capt. crunch chicken.
    A man of words and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds.

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    Planet Hollywood's Captain Crunch Chicken Recipe

    30 min | 10 min prep | SERVES 8 -10 Chicken

    2 cups Cap'n Crunch cereal
    1 1/2 cups corn flakes
    1 egg
    1 cup milk
    1 cup all-purpose flour
    1 teaspoon onion powder
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    2 lbs chicken breasts, cut in 1-oz tenders
    vegetable oil (for frying)

    Creole Mustard Sauce
    1 cup mayonnaise
    1/4 cup creole mustard or Dijon mustard
    1 teaspoon yellow mustard
    1 teaspoon horseradish
    1/2 teaspoon cider vinegar
    1 dash Worcestershire sauce
    1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
    1 teaspoon water
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon green onions, sliced in pieces
    1 teaspoon crushed garlic, , packed in oil
    1 teaspoon finely chopped green peppers
    1 teaspoon finely chopped celery
    1 teaspoon finely chopped onions

    Coarsely grind or crush the two cereals and set aside.
    Beat the egg with milk and set aside.
    Stir together the flour, onion and garlic powders and black pepper.
    Set aside.
    Dip the chicken: pieces in the seasoned flour.
    Move around to coat well, then shake off the excess flour.
    Dip in the egg wash, coating well, then dip in the cereal mixture, coating well.
    Heat oil in a large heavy skillet to 325.
    Drop coated chicken tenders carefully in the hot oil and cook until golden brown and fully cooked, 3 to 5 minutes depending on size.
    Drain and serve immediately with creole mustard sauce.
    For sauce:Mix all ingredients together.

    Cap'n Crunch French Toast
    6 Pieces white bread (preferably French bread)
    2 Eggs
    1 tablespoon Milk
    1 tablespoon Sugar
    1 cup Cap'n Crunch cereal
    2 tablespoons Butter (or margarine)


    Combine the eggs, milk, and sugar in a shallow pan. Crush cereal using ziplock bag and pour onto plate. Dip bread in egg mixture, then in cereal. Melt butter on low heat in frying pan. Add bread, turn up heat slightly and cook slowly on each side until brown. Serve with hot maple syrup.

    Movietime Crunch Bars

    6 cups CAP'N CRUNCH Cereal, any flavor
    1 cup salted peanuts
    1 cup raisins
    1 cup semi-sweet chocolate pieces
    One 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk

    1. Heat oven to 350F. Grease 13x9-inch baking pan. Crush 4 cups cereal with bottom of cup in baking pan; spread evenly. Layer with peanuts, raisins, chocolate pieces and remaining 2 cups uncrushed cereal. Drizzle sweetened condensed milk evenly over mixture. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely; cut into bars. Store tightly covered.
    2. 24 BARS

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    I take all the stale cereal we have, melt a bag of chocolat chips with 2 Tb. of butter, pour it on the cereal and add some mini marshmellows. It is really rich and I have made it with golden grams quite a few times. The kids just love them.

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