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Thread: PF Changs Dali Chicken (Not spicy chicken)

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    Default Re: PF Changs Dali Chicken (Not spicy chicken)

    does no one else notice an Indian flavor to the Dali chicken?

    i would bet there is some form of curry in there. could be as simple as cumin and coriander, or turmeric ... and obviously the chili. maybe a touch of ginger too?

    all i know is it is good stuff.

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    Default Re: PF Changs Dali Chicken (Not spicy chicken)

    [QUOTE=Dusty111;383661]It certainly is chili sauce. It's just flavored. You're not gonna get that taste right out of the bottle.

    The first time I went to PF Chang's I tried the Dali Chicken and it reminded me of a trick that I do at home with my chili sauce. I add a cup of water and a chicken bullion cube to a healthy dose of sriracha chili sauce in a small sauce pan and heat it up. I've even played with adding garlic, butter, onion powder, ect.. It's essentially flavored sriracha sauce. It makes the flavor more complex than basic chili.

    I like to mix up a batch of my chili sauce as described above and then pan fry some chopped chicken breasts until the sauce has thickened. Then I add the spicy chicken to a panini and cook it in my panini machine with red onion, provalone and mayo. It's a hell of a chicken sandwich.

    Whatever PF Chang's does with their chili sauce, I'll admit it was pretty good. I really liked the potatoes in that dish, something I never tried adding before.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the reply. Im think i stumbled upon the brand of chili sauce that PF Changs modeled their own after. Its Lan Chi brand, typically only available online or in Asain Market stores, not your average grocery store. I have not recieved it yet as i orderd it on-line.

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    Smile Re: PF Changs Dali Chicken (Not spicy chicken)

    Yes there is Cumin in this dish I luckily went at a time that there was a very informative manager on staff that didnt mind revealing some of the ingredients for me. The chili paste used is simple chili garlic paste, made by the same company that makes the famous rooster shiracha. Its a very plain chili paste that doesnt have all of the extra seasoning that shiracha has. Also like i said there is cumin in the dish giving it that bit of indian flare which brings the dish together. The only thing the manager did not reveal is the base stir fry sauce used. Changs typically uses one of two styles of stir fry sauce in all of their dishes however there are a few that have unique stir fry sauces and the dali chicken is one of those dishes. I do not think there are any special extra ingredients added to the stir fry sauce just a particular combo of the normal ingredients used. The two sauces normally used are the cantonese style and the peking style both of which are readily available through a google search. Im so so close to pining down the exact flavor now that the cumin was revealed, i had already figured out to use the chili garlic sauce prior to being told by the manager but the cumin was the kicker. So there you go people, i was the original poster of this thread and prior to making the original post i had spent almost a year LOL trying to figure out what is turning out to be a very simple dish. I had never had so much trouble with any other recipe before but for some reason this dish gave me trouble, I think because I was thinking about Indian or any other outside influence that may had been in the dish, if only BAXLA had said something months ago prior to me getting it out of the manager at changs i would have flown to your location and thanked you personally LOL! So with that long story being said here is the recipe:

    [U]Single serving[/U]

    1 chicken breast sliced or cubed
    1/2 yukon gold potato sliced thin and quarted
    Leek greens sliced (as much as you want)
    1 Teaspoon cumin powder
    *optional* dried chili pods

    [B]Stir Fry Sauce[/B]:
    2 TBS chicken stock
    2 TBS oyster sauce
    1 TBS Sherry Wine (rice wine if you have it, NOT RICE VINEGAR, they are different)
    1 teaspoon white vinegar
    1 TBS Soy sauce
    2 TBS garlic chili paste (Made by same company that makes famous rooster Shiracha) use less if you want less heat.
    1 teaspoon corn starch

    Start by heating veggie oil or wok oil in a Wok or pan that could be used like a wok on medium high heat almost to smoking point. Add chicken to wok first cooking for a few minutes on all sides, then add potatoes and cook for a few minutes keeping the chicken and potatoes moving all the time to prevent over-cooking, next add powder cumin for about a minute to release the flavor. (at this point you would also add dried chili pods). Now spread the ingredients around the pan creating a hole in the middle of the wok and now add the stir fry sauce. Let this cook down for a couple minutes and then start moving all the ingredients around again and continue to cook until sauce starts to thicken. Add the leeks when sauce has almost become thick. Also at this point you could add black sesame seeds to add the visual effect you get at changs. Serve over white or brown rice. This is very close to the flavor you get at changs, however there is room for tweaking the stir fry sauce to achieve the exact flavor so suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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