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Thread: Ihop Minions

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    Question Ihop Minions

    Stopped at Ihop for breakfast and had a delicious mini Cinniminions that were like mini deep fried donuts with a white glaze frosting. Any one have recipe?

    Also those round sugared donuts served at the local Chinese buffet...are they really made by cutting up a Pillsbury Biscuit Grands and deep frying and then rolled in sugar? Haven't tried it yet.

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    Short-Cut Chinese Donuts Recipe
    This is a dessert you can make in a flash. It only takes three ingredients and no preparation.

    Can of refrigerated biscuits (any kind will do)
    Oil for frying
    Sugar for coating

    1.Heat enough oil in a deep pan to completely submerge biscuits.
    2.Heat the oil to approximately 350 degrees.
    3.Drop the biscuits into the oil and fry until lightly browned, turning midway through the cooking time.
    4.Drain on a rack or brown paper bag for 1-2 minutes and then roll around in white sugar. These are dangerously good.
    These can be eaten as they are normally served, with sugar, or they can be served with honey drizzled over the top. Another way to enjoy them is topped with a favorite preserve or jelly.

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