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Thread: homemade pickles

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    Default homemade pickles

    anyone have recipes for dill and bread and butter or sweet pickles made cukes.

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    This is the recipe I always use for bread and butter pickles. I have one for sweet pickle chips (takes 14 days to make) and when I find the recipe I will post it if you want.

    Grammygram's Bread and Butter Pickles

    16 – 20 medium cucumbers, thinly sliced
    10 small onions, thinly sliced
    1/3 C salt
    3 C distilled vinegar
    2 C sugar
    2 Tblsp mustard see
    2 tsp turmeric
    2 tsp celery seed
    1 tsp ground ginger
    1 tsp peppercorns

    Combine cucumber and onion slices in large bowl. Layer with salt and cover with ice cubes. Let stand 1 ½ hours; drain and rinse. Place remaining ingredients in large saucepot and bring to a boil. Add drained cucumbers and onions and return to boiling.

    To can: Pack hot into hot 1 ½ pint jars, leaving ¼ inch head space. Remove air bubbles. Adjust caps. Process 10 minutes in boiling water bath. Yield: about five 1 ½ pint jars.

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    A lot of work but so worth it!

    Grammy's Fourteen Day Sweet Pickles
    You need a 2 gallon crock and plate to use as its cover.

    2 gallons pickles, 3 4 inch size
    2 Cups salt
    3 Tblsp alum
    2 Tblsp whole mixed pickling spice
    1 tblsp whole allspice
    1 tblsp celery see
    5 2 inch cinnamon sticks
    2 Qts vinegar
    1 Qt water
    8 C sugar

    First Day: wash picles and place in a 2 gallon crock. Dissolve salt in 4 quarts water andpour over pickles. Cover. Stir once a day for 7 days.

    Eighth day: Drain pickles and cover with fresh boiling water.

    Ninth day: Drain again and cover with fresh boiling water to which the alum has been added.

    Tenth day: Drain. Cover with hot vinegar syrup made thus: make a spice bag by tying the spices in an 8 inch square of muslin. Combine the 2 qts vinegar with the qt of water and just 2 C sugar. Add the spice bag to this and bring to a boil. Pour over the pickles. Leave spice bag with the pickles.

    Eleventh day: Drain vinegar into kettle. Boil with spice bag and 2 additional cus sugar. Pour over pickles.

    Twelfth day: Same as eleventh day, again adding 2 more cups sugar.

    Thirteenth day: Same as twelfth day.

    Fourteenth day: Pack pickles into jars. Fill with boiling syrup. Seal. Discard spice bag.


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    I've been trying to find a good Dill recipe myself. I've had no luck yet :-(
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    Default Re: homemade pickles

    The fourteen day sweet pickles look real good. I am going to try those in a few days.
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    Default Re: homemade pickles

    These are from my grandmothers recipe collection:

    Refrigerator Pickles(Gladys)
    9 large cucumbers(sliced)
    5 large onions(sliced)
    2 green peppers

    2 C. brown vinegar
    3 1/2 C. sugar
    1/4 C. canning salt

    Mix vinegar, sugar and salt. Boil. Pour over cucumbers.

    Pickles with Saccharin
    1 T. saccharin(about 10 cents)
    3/4 gallon vinegar
    1/4 gallon water
    3/4 C. salt
    Wash your cucumbers and pack in jars. Shake up the mixture over cold and add dill seed? fill seal.

    Sweet Pickles
    Soak in salt for a couple of days. Wash and put in to boil till soft, take and put into jars(boil).
    1 C. sugar
    1 C. vinegar
    1 C. water
    makes 4 quarts

    12-Day Sweet Pickle Chunks
    Enough cukes that 1 gallon of water & 1 cup salt will cover. Soak for 3 days in stone jar.
    After 3 days-drain & rinse. Let cukes stand in fresh water for 3 days
    After 3 days in fresh water, drain & rinse. Cut in chunks or slices. Make brine of 1 pt. white vinegar, 2 pts. water & tsp. alum. Or make a double batch & that should cover them. Heat to boiling & add cukes & bring to a boil again. Be sure cukes don't boil. Let stand in brine 2 days & drain and rinse again.
    After 2 days make syrup of 2 1/2lb. (or 5 c. sugar, 1 pt. white vinegar, 1 T. of pickling spice (in cloth) or oil of cloves & oil of cinnamon (this is very strong so use very little at a time.
    Bring to a boil & pour over cukes each day for 2 days. Bring to a boil on last day & pour over cukes in jars & seal. Do not ever boil cukes. Double batch of syrup and you should have enough.
    Makes 5 quarts

    Bread and Butter Pickles
    25-30 medium sized cucumbers
    8 large onions
    2 large sweet peppers
    c. salt
    5 c. vinegar
    5 c. sugar
    2 T. mustard seed
    1 tsp. tumeric
    tsp. cloves
    Wash cucumbers & slice as thin as possible. Chop onions & peppers. Combine with cucumbers & salt, let stand 3 hours & drain. Combine vinegar, sugar, and spices in large preserving kettle. Bring to a boil. Add drained cucumbers. Heat thoroughly, but not to a boil. Pack while hot into sterilized jars & seal.

    Sweet Dill Pickles
    5 quarts of water
    1 c. salt
    cherry leaves
    medium sized cukes
    2 c. sugar
    1 c. cider vinegar
    Layer cukes, cherry leaves and dill in a large open jar. Dissolve salt in water. Pour over cukes. Cover with a plate a let stand two weeks. Then cut pickles in one inch pieces and pack in jars. Boil sugar, vinegar and a few spices. Pour over pickles and seal.

    Sweet Sour Chunks
    Fill each quart jar with 1" slices of cucumber, 4 slices of onion, 2 celery sticks and a sprig of dill. Boil 4 c. sugar, c. coarse salt, 1 quart water, 1 pint vinegar and pour hot brine over cukes. Seal.

    Sweet Sour Syrup
    Let cucumbers soak overnight in salt.
    1 C sugar
    1 C. vinegar
    2 T. mixed pickling spices with red pepper removed
    Boil 5 minutes pour over hot

    Refrigerator Pickles-Harold Heinrich
    9 Large cukes
    2 peppers
    5 onion
    3 c. sugar
    2 c. white vinegar
    c. salt

    Dill Pickles-Meomi...Mrs. Emmert...Dons Mother
    Fill a quart jar with cucumbers. In each jar put dill and a littler piece of garlic the size of a bean. In each jar put 1 T. coarse salt, 1 T. sugar, c. white vinegar and cold water to fill jars. Seal steam until they turn yellowish color about 20 minutes.

    Sliced Pickles
    Wash medium sized cucumbers. Slice( to 1/8 " thick) and chill in cold water for several hours. Put a large thin slice of onion in the bottom of quart jar, then a head of dill. Fill the jar with sliced cucumbers.
    1 T. salt
    2 c. sugar
    1 c. water
    2 c. vinegar
    Pour over sliced cucumbers, seal and process 5 minutes in simmering water. Don't fill the jars till full or they will break.

    Sliced Pickles
    2 C. water
    2 C. vinegar
    1 tsp. pepper
    1 tsp. celery seed
    2 C. sugar
    Soak cucumbers and onions in salt
    Slice pickles(seed removed)
    C. salt
    1 gallon water
    let stand 24 hours
    drain and put on a little vinegar in water and let come to a boil 5. 7. minutes. drain.
    1 C. vinegar
    1 C. sugar
    mustard seeds

    Mixed Pickles
    4 C. sugar
    1 T. pepper
    tsp. turmeric
    2 T. mustard
    2 T. spices ground
    1 gallon vinegar

    Mustard Pickles
    1 dozen cucumbers
    C. salt
    C. sugar
    C. mustard
    1 C. vinegar
    2 C. water
    Put cucumbers into jars. Blending together sugar, salt and mustard and adding sugar & water, seal.

    Oven Pickles-Lyann
    use pint jars
    1 head dill
    1/8 tsp. garlic salt
    Cut cucumbers in chunks
    Boil 1 quart water
    2 c. vinegar
    2 c. sugar
    c. canning salt
    Pour over cucumbers (hot). Put a little in the bottom at first, as not to break the jar. Make sure that you do not put the liquid higher than the crown of the jar. No pickles should be sticking out. Cover completely with liquid. Seal hot and put in cake pan with a little water (about 1-1 " at bottom). Preferably lukewarm. Bake at 225 degrees for 1 hour.

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    Default Re: homemade pickles

    World's Easiest Pickle Recipe (Refrigerator Pickles)

    4 Medium Cucumbers
    1 Tsp salt
    2 C Sugar
    1 C Diced red onion
    1 C Chopped green bell pepper
    1 C Cider vinegar
    1 Tsp Celery seed
    1 Tsp Dill Weed

    Wash the cucumber thoroughly and cut them into spears. (I cut them into rounds) Mix cucumbers and salt in a bowl and let sit for one hour. Stir in sugar, onion, pepper, vinegar, celery seed and dill. Store in a covered bowl in the refrigerator overnight and the next day they are done. Enjoy!

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