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Thread: Quick, Ovenless recipes?

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    Default Quick, Ovenless recipes?

    Hey all!

    I just got a puppy about a month ago and she has been consuming a good portion of my time. With that, I haven't really had time to eat because every five minutes I have to get her away from whatever she's getting in to. This of course means that I've been eating out more than I'd care to admit and I'd like to make that stop.

    So, does anyone have any simple and quick recipes? Preferably something that doesn't include the oven since I live in Arizona and turning on the oven is torture.

    And if anyone knows how to get a dog to be occupied for 15 minutes without getting in to trouble, those tips would be appreciated as well
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    Default Re: Quick, Ovenless recipes?

    Welcome to CK TAAG - for the dog - get a crate and teach him to love it. It will keep him out of your hair for as long as you want.

    As for recipes. I love to use my crockpot. The recipes take a long time to cook but minutes to prepare in the morning. The added advantage is that it emits very little heat. If you have a balcony or an area off the kitchen or outdoors you can plug it in there and then no heat in the kitchen.

    Check out


    Fabulous recipes.

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