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Thread: Chocolate Fountain

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    Default Chocolate Fountain

    I have used my chocolate fountain once before but the idea of putting vegetable oil into chocolate just seems gross.

    Has anyone ever used heavy cream instead?

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    Default Re: Chocolate Fountain

    I've only used mine once, too - but used the chocolate made for choc fountains (put out by Wilton). I do know someone who used the oil and it was good - couldn't tell there was oil in it.

    Don't know anyone who used cream - interesting to hear if anyone has.

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    Default Re: Chocolate Fountain

    Yuk!! Sorry, I just think these things are so unhygienic!! Just the thought of so many people breathing germs over it....not to mention all those 'clever' ones that just won't be able to resist sticking grubby fingers in the flowing chocolate! Ugh!

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