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Thread: Josephine's Pasta Salad

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    Default Josephine's Pasta Salad

    I would love to get my hands on the recipe for pasta salad served at Josephine's Tea Room in Godfrey, IL. I know most of the ingredents, but I'm not sure about the dressing, which is mayonnaise based. The ingredients are spiral pasta, shredded cheese, bits of tomatoes, red onion, green pepper...I do see poppy seeds in the dressing. Anyone know what the 'real' recipe is? Thanks!

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    equal parts of ranch , poppyseed and sweet italian , at least that's what an employee told me and my friend and I tried it and I'd say that's about right

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    Default Re: Josephine's Pasta Salad

    When you get a finalized version will you post it? Please??!!

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