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Thread: Grilled Pizza

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    Smile Grilled Pizza

    Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for grilled pizza? My 4 yr. old was looking outside at our grill as we ate lunch and began talking about all the foods daddy could grill. I told him that a person could grill almost anything and he said no not pizza mommy. We found some pictures online and now he wants to try it! Thanks!

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    Welcome rdgteach to the borads, you'll have great fun here. Meanwhile, stick your thumbs in your ears and give your DH a BIG moose wave! While I don't have and T/T grilled pizza, it most certainly be done, and done well. I jumped on the net and found some really great sites you can explore. Google "grilled pizza" and see what you come up with. Again, a big hearty welcome, Laura

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    I have recently made grilled pizza on a gas grill. All that I used was the Boboli brand pizza crust, ready made pizza sauce and our favorite toppings.
    You need to grill it on indirect heat so you don't burn up the pizza.
    On our grill, we have four burners. I turn on all 4 burners on medium high for about 10 minutes to heat up the grill. I then turn off the 2 middle burners and leave the outer burners still lit. I then put the pizza above the 2 unlit burners, put the lid down and cooked the pizza until the crust was crispy enough for our family. I didn't time it..I just kept checking the bottom until I thought it was done.

    I know this isn't an actual recipe...but its a tried and true method I used.

    Good luck!

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    Are you having a small wedding? The dough will take about 6 - 8 minutes total to cook on the grill. If you having more than a few people, I would grill the dough ahead of time and let people walk through a like (like an omlet bar) and have a few stations where they can pick their toppings, then throw them on a grill for a minute or two to heat up. Cool idea.

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