Greetings one and all!

I go to Logan's Roadhouse specifically for their rolls and their garlic herb butter (eat gobs on each bite of their Onion Brewski® Sirloin steak!!!). I order the steak with everything on the side (the Michelob AmberBock® beer-braised onions a.k.a. Brewski® Onions and crispy onions) so it won't distract me from the wonderful flavor of this herb butter.

I can't find the recipe for their butter. The recipes I've found aren't it because they don't include black pepper and rosemary. It has a lot of the coarser ground black pepper, not that much rosemary. There are other leafy herbs that are milder and I'm not able to decide exactly what they are... one I think may be a tad bit of tarragon, but I'm not certain of it (faint anise/mint hint... I don't like anise, so obviously it's very mild and only supportive, which is why I think it may be tarragon). I asked for extra butter and brought some home so I could try to figure out some of the ingredients so I would recognize the recipe when I saw it.

Any and all help is appreciated!!!