This Salad Is Good For When It's Too Hot To Eat Something Heavy In The Summer. My Aunt Taught Me This. It's Anyhow Because You Can Make The Salad Any How You Want. Make A Large Salad(anyhow You Want). I Use All Mixed Greens, Scallions, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Radishes,some Chic Peas. Toss All Together. Slice A Piece Of Beef Thin For Stir Fry. I Garlic Clove Minced, Olive Oil- Enough To Coat The Salad, Soy Sauce. Same Amount As You Would Use As Vinigar. Saute Beef In Garlic And Oil, Add Soy Sauce, Pour Hot Dressing Over Salad And Toss. Remember Enough Oil And Soy Sauce To Cover Greens. If You Want You Can Also Add Some Fresh Ginger Minced When You Add The Garlic. You Can Basically Add Any Thing You Want Because It's Beef Anyhow!!