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  • Yahoo! Slurp Spider

    Yahoo! Slurp Spider is all over and slowing my browsing down a little nothing major here is some info ....I just hope this doesnt bring spam

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    Actually that guy has been around all the time. I just had a button that resolved their IP instead of manually having to look it up. They are generally spidering the site whether it is Yahoo/MSN/Google, or another random spider. They are going over the site quickly. If I would have a user session be less an the current 90 minutes you wouldn't see near as many of them online as you do.

    There does seem to be one distinct advantage to the upgraded board, I have seen a lot less spam registrations. Yes I have seen a lot less spam too!
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      I don't like spiders. I really don't think I'd like a spider that slurped!!! lol