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Stir Up your Taste Buds with the Classic Flavor of Chili

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  • Stir Up your Taste Buds with the Classic Flavor of Chili

    Stir Up your Taste Buds with the Classic Flavor of Chili

    Spicy, tangy, red hot –this is the flavor of Chili. This typical gastronomical delight- Chili con carne, fondly called “Chili” is a Mexican dish cooked with diced or ground beef, kidney beans and tomatoes, chopped onions, jalapeno peppers and topped with pungent chilies or chili powder. An indispensable ingredient of gourmet cuisine, a Chili Recipe is the quintessential favorite among all beef and meat food varieties.

    Easy Cooking chili:

    Chili dishes are fairly easy to cook and require less time and seasonings. They can be cooked in a saucepan, skillet, crock-pot, cooker or microwave. Chili food fares are often whipped up in a jiffy as they require only basic ingredients which are all available at your pantry. Chili makes the ideal entrant on your wish list for a party menu. So don’t worry about how to cook Chili – just get on with it and it is done.

    Healthy Chili:

    With lots of protein and fiber, a Chili recipe has no healthier substitute among beef items. Full of fresh vegetables, fiber-rich beans, lean cuts of pork or beef, Chili satisfies all- your hunger, appetite and craving for tasty food. When flavored with Chili powder or ginger, Chili is healthier as these two items help to improve blood circulation. Though primarily a meat dish, Chili is loaded with fresh vegetables, which give you all the vitamins, anti-oxidants and proteins to boost your immunity and health.

    The unique flavor of Chili:

    Chili con carne is called Chili owing to the peculiar blend of chili powders used in it. The chili powder blend used here comprises of Chili peppers like Ancho, Cayenne, Jalapeno, Pasilla etc. These red hot chili peppers are pounded with Cumin, Oregano, Garlic and Salt to render a distinctive piquant flavor to Chili dishes.

    How to cook Chili?

    Ideally, Chili dishes are cooked with diced or ground beef and in some recipes, pork is used along with it. Mostly the meat is of the lean cut variety and is often accompanied by tomatoes, onions, beans and green pepper compulsorily. Other meat ingredients may include sausage or bacon bits, beef bouillon and beef bits in some cases. Among vegetables, ginger, garlic, green and red bell peppers, cayenne pepper, celery, coriander may add to the taste. Sauces like tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Louisiana hot sauce etc may lend the Chili dishes their distinctive flavor.