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what do you dream?

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  • what do you dream?

    do you have the same dreams over and over? can you control the outcome in them? I love to dream but sometimes i wake up with my heart pounding and sweating like a pig and it's like running a marathon.

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    My husband can control the outcome of his dreams. If he is having a nightmore he reminds himself that it's only a nightmare.

    Myself, I dream of different things all the time. However, every single dream almost always has either one or both of my dogs. Funny, rarely do I have a dream with my hubby in it, but almost always my dogs will be there.

    I do get very confused in my dreams when I dream about dogs that I had growing up that have since passed away. I get sad in my dream when I realize they aren't really there.

    And the same thing when I dream about my mom. I like dreaming about my mom though, they are usually good dreams and it makes me feel closer to her even though she's no longer with us.

    I know that I don't usually dream in color, so when I do dream in color I remember it for a long time afterward. I do write my dreams down and tell people about my dreams even when they probably coudln't care less. haha.
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      I dream a lot and most of the time they are really weird or frightening. I always dream in color too.
      I have never been able to control an outcome...that would be great if I could!


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        I dream all night long. A lot of nightmares. I don't really get into a deep sleep, just kind of half awake and half asleep, so I am usually aware enough to recognize that I'm just dreaming.
        I have some dreams that are recurring. I'm running from something/someone and my legs just won't go...kind of like watching a movie in slow motion. Scary.
        When I was little, little, maybe three years old, I started having dreams that I could fly. Had those dreams until I was about 40 years old. As I grew older, I could fly higher and longer. Haven't had one of those dreams for a long time.
        A friend keeps a dream journal. Wakes up and writes them down. I wouldn't get any sleep. I'd be up all night writing. LOL


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          I pretty much consistently dream about the same subject - that I've lost something, like my purse, money, shoes, tickets, etc.and I'm frantically looking for it. I'm sure that must mean something.


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            I am like Marquea's DH, I will reconize a night mare and tell myself in my dream "it's just a nightmare, wake up...", I also don't have nightmares unless I have fever or I am extremely stressed over something. I have also had a time when I was having a great dream, felt myself starting to wake up, told myself "No, I don't want to leave this dream yet.", actually went back to sleep and stayed in the dream. I woke up completely amazed at that one. I have a few reaccuring dreams, the main one is I am walking down the main street of our little town in like the 1950's. Its the exact dream everytime, no variations. I also have my full senses in my dreams, I can hear, taste and feel touch...my DH doesn't dream and thinks I'm completely odd...
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              I love dreaming about my mom but it doesn't happen very often and I have no control over my dreams. Most of the time I just dream about really stupid stuff, nothing scary. The other night I dreampt I was at a party and dipping brownies in the hot cheese dip instead of crackers - think I am suffering from chocolate deprivation.


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                  North - that's funny!

                  I had a dream yesterday morning that DH and I were on the phone and he got angry with me and hung up. A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was him saying "sorry". Now I know that was a dream because I am not sure if he knows the word sorry....LOL.