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Good Wednesday Morning - Rise and Shine

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  • Good Wednesday Morning - Rise and Shine

    I think Kat is still at the ocean and I imagine she and Roger are walking along the beach in their barefeet

    Looks like another beautiful day here and I sure hope to get out and enjoy it a bit. I still have some graduation invites to address and that daunting task will be done with

    Lots of errands today too as well as more copy and pasting of our recipes from the old board. Hope you all try out the SEARCH feature on here - it is awesome.

    See ya round throughout the day - Have fun!!!

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    Hello friends, was sunny about a half an hour ago when I went out to get the paper but now the clouds have moved in. Nice temp here today........mid 70's.

    We are heading to NJ today to go to listen to some bands for DD#2's wedding next year. The one we really like will be there.........hope they are as good as the CD they sent us -- which was excellent!!!!!

    Enjoy your day friends!!!



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      Good Morning,

      Getting ready to head out, but will be back & help the girls move some more recipes from the old CK site.

      Have a great day everyone!


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        Good Morning everybody, another hot & humid day here in SA. No rain in sight.
        Got some errands to run this morning. Going to see the new Jennifer Aniston movie " Break Up" tonight, dinner out afterwards.


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          Work for me today. I have to go to an insevice today. Nothing like having 2 days of summer vacation and then a work day! Oh well. We always get 1 1/2 hours for lunch so that is not bad! Hope y'all have a great day!
          A man of words and not of deeds, is like a garden full of weeds.


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            Good morning!

            I have opened all the windows so it will stay nice and cool inside today ...not much on my agenda except laundry and some regular cleaning.

            Have a nice day all!!