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i go away for a week............

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  • i go away for a week............

    and we've remoldeled!!!!!!!!!!!!! kids left today for home (florida) in fact they called not long ago that they were there, but still in the plane. we had a great time while they were here. going to miss them, esp dd1 soooooooo much!!!!!! we did the canyon, sil loved that! DONT EVER take little ones there! my heart was beating like crazy trying to make sure they stayed safe. the weather was just perfect almost the whole time they were here. ate outside a lot since they said they cant do that in florida due to all the bugs. the grandsons are sooooooooo cute! and they were soooooooooo well behaved during dd2's grad ceremony. toward the end, the 2 yearold started getting antsy, but then so were all the aldults. tomm, dd2 is flying to texas with her best friend. her bf's dad WOULDNT come to her grad, so out of guilt he is giving her a car, but they have to go to tx and bring it back. the jerk! will take them 2 days to come home. keep them in your prayers for me that they have a safe trip ok? then on sat, dd3 and my mom are flying to mi for a month. going to have a really quiet house here. will post pics soon. does anyone know if we can post them here or do links still? chop

    i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!

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    Glad to hear the visit was so nice!

    I looked at Fatkats flowers today on the photobucket links she posted, cant wait to see yours!


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      Hi chop

      Glad to see ya made it ~ yes, you can post links on this site but the are not enabled. We will have to copy and paste it to another browser like before. Can't wait to see them.