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Black grapes... How can it be...

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  • Black grapes... How can it be...

    ... that I've never had these before last summer?? They are so much better than red or green or globe grapes. They're firmer and have a "grapier" flavor than all the others.

    Man... am I hooked!! And what they do in eluj's grape salad is awesome!!
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    Black Grapes

    I grew up in Southern California and there was a grape vineyard (orchard?) at out bus stop that had the black grapes, needless to say we pigged out while waiting. But here in Texas I have never seen them to buy until recently I saw some at Sam's Club and bought some. My family thought they were in heaven.


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      I love the black grapes. The only place I usually see there here is at the Wal-Mart supercenter and then it is only certain times in the summer. They are so sweet, seedless and yummy. I much prefer them over white or red seedless.


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        I love the black seedless ones too and they make a great jam.


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          Aren't they so good? I love them also but can't find them all the time. This year grapes are so good and tasty. I've been buying red seedless and they have been small, perfectly round and crunchy sweet.

          LOVE that!!!


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            I am going to be the odd man out. I prefer red over black. I think the black are a bit more tart than the sweet red grapes. We have had to buy black the last couple of times at the store and they just don't seem as sweet to me.
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              I dodn't even know there was such a thing I love hard grapes. sweet or tart don't care. I'll have to keep a look out for these.
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