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  • I Cooked for 225!

    And I pulled it off!

    Y'all remember last month when we were trying to come up with a cute menu for my church dinner? That's the dinner that was Wednesday.

    The menu was:

    Uncle Julius' Caesar Salad
    Blue Ridge Herb Roasted Chicken
    Cousin Fran's Southern Green Beans
    Granny's Rocky Branch Taters
    Little River Sweet Treats

    The them was "How to Tawlk & Rite Tennessee" and lots of folks came dressed in Hillbilly clothes, we even had a Minnie Pearl. The guest speaker was hilarious, he's a local columnist for the newspaper. He had flash cards printed up with different words that Tennesseans use.....for instance "barium". Well, that what we do with the deceased, we barium. He spoke for almost an hour and everyone was laughing so hard we were in tears. The decorations were so adorable, I might have a picture that I can post a bit later of the stage. Moonshine jugs, old Tennessee artifacts, some red long johns. It really was too cute.

    Yesterday running around town I ran into several folks that were there and had several more phone calls just telling me what a great time they had, that this was the best event they had ever attended at our church, how good the food was.

    Our committee is thrilled and already talking about a theme for next year!

    Thanks for all y'all's help with the menu!

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    I Love It Kat!!

    What a great menu and the party sounds like it was a blast too. I hope you made some new friends.


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      Wow sounds like a great time was had by all. LOL but sounds like a like I would have felt right at home. Glad it all went well.
      ""Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you're just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.""


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        Great job...sounds like it was a blast. Glad you had a good time.


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          Tami - LOLOLOL, boy I sure have missed you


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            Kat what a job you had!!!! Glad everything went well! I hope you had A/C and didnt have to cook in the heat wave??


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              WOW! Good for you!


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                You deserve a medal

                the menu sounds great and hope everyone had a great time.


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                  Sounds like a wonderful time - I love the theme and the food selections! So creative!!


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                    So happy to hear that it was a success!


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                      Sounds fantastic! Where do we find the recipes you used?


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                        I bet you were tired after that!!! I have done that a couple of times. At the end of those really large meals I had always thought, never again! Then I would volunteer again/


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                          I like the theme.

                          Everything on the menu looks good too, only thing I noticed missing was ME being invited!!!! LOL


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                            sounds fun! i cooked for 9 this week, dont know how u managed 225! chop

                            i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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                              I don't know how I did it either! LOL! We cooked 200 lbs of chicken quarters, 23 bags of hash browns + ingredients, and I think about 40qts. of green beans with 10 lbs of bacon and about 7+ lbs. of onions. All the desserts were donated by the ladies of our parish and we ended up with about 30 different varieties of cakes and pies. Wish I had some of those recipes.

                              The theme made the whole evening so relaxed and the laughter felt so good. Even our priests were taking off their glasses and wiping their eyes when he talked about the difference between a Northern preacher's version of Hell as opposed to a Southern preacher's version of "HAAALLLE". I know I have a picture of Roger and I sitting on the stage, I'll try and get it off my camera later on today.