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Need some picnic ideas.

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  • Need some picnic ideas.

    A couple of friends and I have been meeting up in the middle of the week for lunch. Well we have exhausted all the eateries around.

    I asked if they fancied a picnic next week. (I have a new picnic bag!) They said YES! I have to do it.. lady works.. so timing is iffy, we just fit in with her time table. The other lady has had a gastric bypass, she eats very small portions and is very careful about WHAT she eats.No bread or potato etc...

    Since we will be out in the park or near the river we will have picnic tables at least.. so any ideas?

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    Do you have a KFC or WMart with a deli? I love to bring either hot or cold fried chicken (the ones dieting can remove the breading), fresh salad of romaine, tomato, onion or coleslaw?

    Various fruits like grapes, pears and apples served with various cheeses and walnuts - YUMMY

    Picnics are so much more fun than going out to eat!! Have a good time


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      Last time I went on a picnic I used Fatkats fried chicken recipe
      Didnt get me proposed to, but it sure was delicious!


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        Cottun, thank you for the compliment. We are partial to that recipe too but I cannot take the credit ~ it is the XMIL's but she was a darn good cook!!!


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          Ina Garten is always doing beach picnics and packs the food in chinese take out containers. I saw her do a salmon sandwich picnic the other day where she put all the food for each person in their own pretty bag (think dollar store) w/ nice paper plates, plastic wine glass, plastic silverware... and each person could throw away everything at the end (kind of wasteful, but how often would you DO that?)

          That doesn't really address your food issues, but the bag idea was really neat, I thought.
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            Chicken salad, grapes, cheese, apples, some really good bread and red or green lettuce leaves, potato salad, slaw. The gastric lady could put her chicken salad on a lettuce leaf. Apples and cheese go great together. Maybe the gastric lady can have slaw. You could even take some chips for those that like that with their sandwiches. I would make it easy and simple. If you go with something hard then the others may think they have to in the future as well.
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              Fruit salad is always a good one (honey sesame dressing)
              or Chinese chieken salad
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                Don't forget gourmet deli olives too.

                Cindy: chicken salad with grapes is a great idea.