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  • Recipe box?

    Okay, I have been gone for awhile. I found the new board, but what happened to our recipe box? I wanted a couple recipes I had saved when I was in a hurry. Can I retrieved them? tia gmom

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    I don't recall having a recipe box here.


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      gmom, what are you looking for in particular? The old CK never had a recipe box but had different forums set up like this board.

      Several of us members are moving recipes from the old board to this new one. If you know the name of the recipe, try doing a search. This feature is very accurate.

      I can help you find some recipes too if you know the name of them


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        Stephanie, the saved threads. Or our favorites. I really need a couple of them.

        Fatcat thanks so much. I wanted the Lofthouse cookie recipe made with white cake mix. That is the important one. thanks


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          gmom: I just did a search here and see it must not be posted yet so I will keep my eye out for it.


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            Thanks Fatkat!!


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              gmom: If you ever need to search a recipe from here it is so easy. Here is what I do so I can include all the forums. Go to the forums page where you see

              Tried and True
              Recipes Requests

              Then near the top there is a menu bar with the SEARCH feature, click it on and type in what you want. You will be amazed at what comes up.

              For the cookie you want I typed in Lotsofhats and then I also searched for cookies with cake mix. Nothing came up though but we will keep trying.