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Things that are now better about this board.....

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  • Things that are now better about this board.....

    I know this is taking a bit to get used to, but right now I see many advantages to this board.

    1. It is soooo much faster
    2. Your B-Day automatically displays on the calender
    3. You can add a pic of yourself in your profile (100x100 and under 64K)
    4. You can change the way you look at the posts
    5. PM notifications pop up - if you allow pop ups on this site
    6. There is a memberlist that is available for all to see

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    Love all the features Stephanie..............will be be able to have an avatar under our user name or just in our profile?

    Will we have smilies to use in our posts?

    Is there a way to make the "quotes" without the code and show like a real quote in the message?

    Will be be able to post links that are in code and underlined?

    sorry for all the questions - LOL.


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      Those are all great changes! I am one happy camper thanks to this new board being so much faster and I also like the navigation better...very handy. and with adding pictures it seems so much more personal. CK has always been a enjoyable site but this ups the anty!!!! thanks


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        Forgot to mention ....I have no problems with editing here, on the last boards I had major probs with that. and I also havent noticed any problems with loosing words when c+p'ing.


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          I love all the features!! And I've noticed that so far it is much quicker.


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            thx steph. this is waaaaaaaaay much faster!!!!!!! although everyone has already noticed my first boo boo, when i did my first post in the wrong forum. chop

            i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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              Forgot to mention that I noticed the threads are in bold if they are new or have something new added to them since I last read it. Very cool. Makes it so much easier to see what I've read and haven't read yet.


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                Chop's BooBoo

                LOL, I did it too Chop. Steph moved my post to the main Chat area - LOLOLOL


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                  Smileys I have no idea.

                  I am uncertain about the code bit right now. Right now I don't think you will be able to edit much in terms of the text type in the posts. Typically those aren't very secure, and you invite the possibility for people to hack your message board when you leave those features in. It is recommended that you do not allow those types of features.


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                    I'm really liking this new format. It is a really nice layout. Right now I've been looking around figuring out how to do different things and learning how it all works. Thanks Stephanie.

                    Will we be able to post pictures in our responses or will that still be a no-no?


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                      Still no photos. You can post a photo of yourself in your profile.


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                        Stephanie, we mentioned this in another topic, so I thought I would mention it here so maybe you would see it.

                        My hubby said that when we register, the administrator probably has access to all the members email addresses. Are you able to send a mass email to all the members of old copykat chat telling them where the new forum is? I don't know if that would be possible or not.

                        We're afraid a lot of members won't be able to find the new place.


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                          Excellent idea sunset ...soooo many members missing still.


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                            I am sorry I can't keep up with all posts. I am working with the techsupport of the old message board. It is currently inaccessible. Once this happens I will email all old members from the old site. At that point, I will also reban all ip addresss that were previously banned, and see about importing the old postings.

                            Others, please help me by answering those questions if they get asked in other threads that I do not see.

                            I am uncertain of the turn around time on all issues.


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                              These boards are great Definately faster. Love the new colors.
                              Wouldn't you know, I have been very busy lately so I have only been taking a few minutes now and then to take a quick look at a few recipes. I was planning on some serious copy and pasting when I had some time off! Oh well. Still a great site with great people!