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Good Thursday Morning

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  • Good Thursday Morning

    Wow, how can it be? The sun is shining again today and it is so nice and low with humidity. I hope to enjoy this day before the rains move in.

    Hubby has an errand list for me (lol) so I will have lots of places to run to today on my daily outting. I finally got the 75 graduation party invites all written out, addressed and stamped and off to the post office. That was a daunting task to say the least.

    Got some final things to finish up for the grad party organizing and that will be done too.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day today and don't forget to check out all the great recipes that keep making their way to this great new website

    Kat, hope you are having a great time at the beach!!!

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    I wish your sunshine would hurry up and work its way across Pennsylvania to us on the soggy eastern part of the state! I think I'm starting to MOLD.

    I've seen a few "blue spots" in the sky and pray they come back!! My poor garden is going to float away.

    Thursday is almost Friday!! Woo-hoo!!

    Great day all!!

    Edited to add... the recipes moved are just awesome! Thank you for all your hard work!!
    "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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      Good morning all! Beautiful here today even tho its hot out. I have running around to do...I'm really excited about making Beans Tormented Eggplant for dinner tonite but everybody in town must be making it, because I cant find fresh basil or sundried tomatos anywhere I've looked in the past few days!

      I will never take the recipes here for granted again! It is just so wonderful having them back! Thanks so much again to everyone who made it possible! You make my heart smile!


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        Good Morning,

        Looks like we'll be in the 90's for the next week. 91 is the high for today.
        plan on getting everything watered because once again we have NO rain and do we ever need it.

        I have a few things to do around here and some running around later today. I plan to help move more recipes over to T&T.

        Have a great day everyone!


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          Good Morning, everybody!

          Hot and sunny here...92 today for the high. Hot and no sign of a rain cloud.

          No plans yet, might just hang around the house today. Need to clean out the fridge. It always looks sooooo nice when it's first cleaned, why do I let it get all cluttered again??

          Have a great day everybody!


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            Good Morning!!

            Looks like another nice day here ...rain tomorrow. I think so far we are having whats called a cool summer!! fine by me, the last time it was hot,hot here we had no A/C so the overcast breezy days are feeling good.

            I have been doing the Special Diets recipes this morning along with laundry! theyre both just about finished ....I have afew plants that need repotting and I have put it off long enough, not much happening here really! I am getting kind of anxious about having my procedure and onto getting my teeth done and then back to work!

            Well everyone have a nice day today

            I miss smileys every time I post in the morning thread!!!