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  • Hoodia

    Has anyone tried this stuff? Reading it sounds good, but is it? Now comes in PowerPops to be sucked, but haven't seen any yet. Mother of a friend of my daughter has lost 40 lbs. since Jan.

    Hey--I can post a new thread, and I couldn't before. Thought it was my stupid 'puter!

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    I remember seeing this on a segment of 60 Minutes a while back and it looked so interesting and promising. Now all I see is mail-order and quick weight loss gimmicky stuff about Hoodia.

    If you have to call an 800 number to get it... I'm thinkin' it's crap.
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      I bought a bottle a couple of weeks ago, I've only used it a few times & can't say I've noticed a big difference. If anything I think it upset my stomach a little.
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        I bought a bottle and did not notice anything in one months time. They say the real hoodia plant is very expensive to buy. Over $200.00 a bottle. The other makers of Hoodia use left over scraps of the plant. When the bottle says 400mg you probably are not getting that. I don't think its worth buying. I lost 40.00$ on the bottle I bought for it to do nothing.


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          What does it claim to do?


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            Its supposed to curb your appetite.