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HELP, Replacement Cell Phones From Verizon

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  • HELP, Replacement Cell Phones From Verizon

    Hubby had a phone that was less than a year old that pooped out on him and thank goodness he got the Lockline insurance. Even though we pay $5 a month for the insurance AND had to pay a $50 deductible, he got a new phone in 2 days.

    He got the same exact phone BUT this one does not get reception like the other one did. Every other word is broken and I cannot stand it.

    Do you suppose this replacement is a refurbished phone? If it is I will be TICKED off.

    As I have said before, Verizon sux and I will never refer anyone to them for phones or service. I also heard their internet and emails are the pits.

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    My brother had a problem with nextel. He lost his phone, they mailed him a new one and he couldnt talk, reception was bad and he could'nt 2 way. He called Nextel and complained, they sent him another phone. No charge, he just had to send the other phone back when the new one arrived.


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      after last night with the guy from India,,ooops mean verizon i am not happy with them
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        doodles, I am calling Verizon AGAIN today. I just wish I didn't have to call these people all the time. Seems there is one thing after another with them.


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          I have verizon residential phone service with great plan but the customer service is the pitts and then some!

          Also niece has gone thru 2 cricket phones and I know of others who have nothing but probs with cricket cells.

          We had verizon cell years ago and got new phone ...NOT! it was redone and was crappy from day one. and we actually pay for this treatment!!!!!


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            He has an LG phone so not sure what the track record is for them. I have a Samsung and LOVE mine. It has no frills, bells or whistles and I think that is why I have such a good phone.


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              My mom and sisters all tried to get us to switch to verizon when we were shopping around last yr. We had there service yrs ago bad service all around. We'll never go back.

              Fatkat DH has a LG and the boys share one. Had them for over a yr and so far so good they work great only one problem. The boys phone started acting up after a couple of weeks and they sent us a new no charge they even paid to have the broken one sent back. But we do have cingular service and they have been great.

              I hope you can get the resolved quickly.
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                The insurance companies will usually replace a defective replacement if you contact them within 30 days of receipt of phone, some companies only give you 15 days. This does have to go through the insurance company and not your service provider. So contact them asap ... let them know you will be sending the defective phone back for a replacement so that the returned phone will be expected and not lost in the warehouse with no proof they received it.
                Yes, the do send refurbs so I would let them know you do not want a refurb. If you get one CONTACT them to advice you are sending it back and keep sending them back in their return mailers until they get the point and/or get tired of pay the postage.
                Just fyi on phones.. there are only about 3 or 4 manufactures and they are all in China. They just put the different "manufactures" names on the phones they make, i.e Motorola, Kyocera, Samsung, LG, etc.


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                  Jill, thank you for the info...........I have a feeling we waited too long