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  • Baking Powder Question

    How long do you think baking powder can be stored and does it lose its strength over time. Do you think surplus could be stored in a freezer and still keep its strength - or maybe vacuum packed.

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    i have heard the shelf life is 6 months


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      Found this for you north:

      Baking Powder

      12 to 18 months or expiration date on container.

      Storage Tip: Store tightly covered in a dry place. Make sure measuring utensils are dry before dipping into the container.

      Testing for Freshness: Mix 1 teaspoon baking powder with 1/3 cup hot water. If it foams vigorously, it still has rising power.


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        I keep all that in my freezer, baking soda, powder, yeast, spices, as long as couple of years and they have been fine. I use what I need and put back right away so no moisture developes in or on the container.
        Hope this helps.
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          Shakrah; luv2bake; livetobake:- Thanks so much for answering my question. Was going to make tortillas for the first time this morning, put the flour in the bowl and discoverd I had no baking powder - how aggravating is that. Thought it would a lot more convenient to buy a good supply but wasn't sure if it would keep but now feel comfortable doing it - some for the cupboard and some for the freezer. Thanks again.