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My baby pups are 5 weeks old today!

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  • My baby pups are 5 weeks old today!

    My 3 baby bulldogs are 5 weeks old today and I think momma dog is pretty tired of them. They are so cute!I have to carry 1 of them with me every where I go because I just want to hug them so much! Momma dog isn't letting them nurse very much..I think their teeth hurts her too much. Its time for them to be weaned anyway. I've been feeding them mushed up puppy food so I'll probably have to go directly to that soon.
    They're little poop monsters though! I have to change their newspapers ALL the time!
    DH is now claiming he wants to keep all three of them.Remember how I said he did not want to keep any of them because of our father dog passing on?
    I knew he would change his mind.
    DD calls the female pup "Sarah"...I know funny name for a bulldog, one of the males is named "Bruno" and we're trying to think of a third name for the other male. Anybody have any suggestions? The name sarah probably won't stick either so need some suggestions for her too.
    I don't know how long we're going to keep the pups,but it will probaby be until dh decides he wants to get rid of them.
    I'll post some pictures some time!

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    They sound adorable I'd love see pics of them. We had a neighbor who had a bulldog he was so cute when he was a baby, his name was Titan & he suited it I've never seen another dog that was so muscular.
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      Awww, they sound so cute and adorable! Sorry I'm not good with picking names so I won't be much help there. But I can't wait to see some pictures! I love puppies


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        I bet they are adorable. I am not going to be any help in the name department. I am drawing a blank.
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          I cann't wait to see pics. I guess its because I love our dogs so much and it was so heartbreaking the way you lost your male dog, but I think about you and the pups so often and wonder how you all are getting along. Maybe when we see pics we all will be better at thinking of names. I'm like the others, not really good at such, DH gets to pick all the names around here.
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            Isis, please post pictures when you get a chance......I would love to see the puppies too


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              Awwww I love bulldogs, cant wait to see pictures. you could name the male Junior in remembrance of his dad! I would have to see them to name them.

              We have 4 min pins ...2 are pups from the very first darn cute tried to keep them all.