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    my oldest daughter just recieved her small pox vac.(she's heading to Iraq),,she was told she had to stay away with anyone with skin conditions...does anyone know how cafeful we should be
    thanks Doro

    oh forgot to add my youngest does have a skin problem but can't spell it
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    I have never heard of that Doro but hopefully someone will have an answer for you.


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      Call your youngest's doctor and find out what he/she thinks. I have psoriasis and I'm not to be anywhere near a newly vaccinated (smallpox) patient. I'm also not permitted to handle anything they may have had contact with.

      I'm not allowed to be vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine either, I hope we never have an outbreak.
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        Try a search on smallpox vaccine. There is tons of info on vaccines on the net


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          I have heard that some people that have had the vaccine in the past (as children) have contracted the disease after being near someone that has had the vaccine later in life. I would err on the side of caution.
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            according to the World Health Organization, smallpox is considered eradicated as of 1980. The virus is still in labs and I'm sure is a danger for bacterial warfare.


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              i am taking her in today for other reason's as well and will ask her doc since he was a milatry doctor...Nicole is very worried about exposing Kindra
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