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  • SIL's

    How do you get along with your SIL, if you have one? I love mine, on both sides (my DH's sisters and my DB's wife), but I have more fun with my brother's wife, even though she is a lot younger than me.
    DH's sisters are pretty cool, a bit strange, but I'm lucky they're not wack-jobs.
    My brother's wife is a great mom to my niece. Oh dear, get us together at a country music concert and we're trouble!!

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    I only have SIL's on hubby's side since I have no bro's

    I adore my SIL that is married to hubby's youngest brother. He is only 28 and she is 36 but we have so much in common and he is just a spitting image of hubby ~ Maddison, you met them at the winery.

    Now hubby's sister and I have nothing in common and we seldom communicate. She acts just like MIL and that is probably why I don't care to communciate much with her.


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      I wish they would have stayed a bit longer at the wine fest. At least you got to meet my one SIL>


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        I get along great with my brothers ex wife ...she lives in England and has visited the states quite afew times, she is sooo fun and were just like sisters!

        I got along so/so with my ex's sisters ..nothing to brag about and cant say that I miss them!

        Soon to be SIL is really nice and we get along great fact we now live next door to each other on the same road, it is neat!


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          I have 2 SIL's on my hubbys side.

          One is nice but we just don't have anything in common.I can't say we get along or don't get along. The most we really say to each other is Hi and Bye.

          The other is a huge drama queen,gives my BIL black eyes,has the most foul mouth in front of her kids that I have ever seen...etc I could go on forever. I try to get along with her the best I can because he loves her and has made it clear if we don't accept his choice we all won't see him.


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            I have only one SIL ans I love her to death. We are closer then my real life sister. She holds our familia together and is my role model.


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              On my side, my brother married my best friend from jr. high school on my 40th birthday (almost 2 years ago)! I've known her for 26 years and we get along great.

              On DH's side we don't really have a relationship, not like a sister one, more like ok you're part of the family...


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                I have 4 SIL's by marriage, I get along with 2 of them really great. The other 2 are OK, but I cannot get as close to them as the other 2. There's a trust issue there.
                I only have 1 sister, so no SIL on that side.


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                  I have 5 SIL's on Dh's side. None are like sisters, but I really like 3 of them, just down home, good people. One SIL is high above her raising and seems really bitter about alot of things. The $ is whats important to her and also there is one SIL that was offered a recording contract years ago and she is very jealous of that sister. The other one I don't care for just seems "cold". When MIL broke her hip years ago this SIL was insistant that both MIL and FIL were to be put in a nursing home. She caused alot of tension in an already hard situation.

                  I have never met my SIL that is married to my brother. Our family situation isn't "loving", and my brother lives in England so I will probably never meet her.
                  Those that do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir~


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                    I have no SIL have ex SIL's the first one I like and still get along with. The second one furget it. It is common knowledge around here that that family is involved in some really nasty stuff. We have no contact with her or my neice and nephew. DH is an only child.
                    ""Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you're just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.""