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Just got back from a drug training

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  • Just got back from a drug training

    in State College, PA, where Penn State University is (my alma mater).
    So get this...
    me and Julie and Reuben are out at a bar having a drink and some guy stumbles past my purse and sees a prescription bottle in it (my high blood pressure medication), Julie catches him peeking in my purse and asks what he's looking for....he says he just finished working all day in a restaurant and wants oxycotin (this is a college-age kid)! He is willing to pay $75 for a 80mg pill! That is crazy! Of course I didn't have oxies, but what the heck?
    The lady who was next to our hotel room, who must have been in her late forties, and in our training, was smoking weed in her room--we smelled it!
    That's all just nuts.

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    You never can tell about some people!

    Editing to add ...jeeeesh! wheres that college kid getting his money ...75.00 for a PILL?


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      LOL, all that talk at the seminar about weed must have got her buzzing for some - LOLOL


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        Wishingstar, he is probably getting it from Mom and dad.
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          Can you imagine how much money that pig Rush Limbaugh must have spent on oxy? I'm sure he didn't get the money from his mother.
          "If you're given a choice between money and sex appeal, take the money. As you get older, the money will become your sex appeal."~Katharine Hepburn


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            Its so sad...but its here and its real and its a bigger problem than most of us can even dream of.