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Who has had the flu in the last 2 weeks?

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  • Who has had the flu in the last 2 weeks?

    My DD & Dh had this flu type symtoms, DH started Memorial Day, fever, chills aches and it lasts 2 days, so he got better then 3 days later DD gets it. We live in Az. then my girlfirend in Pa. tells me she got it too around Memorial day. So I know it has hit those states, usually they say something in the newspaper or on the news but don't see anything. Has anyone else had flu in the last few weeks? Just wondering if something is going around. Let me know if you did and what state you live in.

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    I havent been sick but my sister was sick most of last week. she couldnt eat and felt nauseated. she missed 2 days of work and said she just over all didnt feel like herself. quess afew other people she works with had the same bug. she lives in Flint, Michigan.


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      Theres something going around here in SE Michigan. All the daycare kids have runny noses but the parents seem to be the ones really getting sick, my DD has it too. Its like a really bad cold.


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        No flu around here right now that I know of. There was a wide-spread 3-day stomach virus going around in the hospital where I work a couple of weeks ago, but thats over now too.