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  • Good Friday Morning

    Hope you both are really enjoying yourselves at the beach..........hope to see ya back soon.

    Boy do I have a busy day: Have to run errands, clean house, have appt out of town, rush back to town in time to sit for 4 hours at stepdaughters graduation ceremony.

    I often wonder why these ceremonies are on a Friday night and not a Sat AM or afternoon?

    What do you have planned for this lovely Friday?

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    Today is a busy one for me too. I have my traction first thing this morning, then my volunteer job with the puppies. After that I will spend a few hours with my little friend that broke his leg and cant get around. Then home to cut my grass. I was gonna skip the visit with the broken leg...until his mom told me how much he looks forward to the the 3 days a week I come. So I will be there and today we are making fizzy bath bombs together. Nice to have someone thats always happy to see you. Hope everyone has a good day!


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      Apanda, how nice of you for your broke-leg visits! You will be rewarded in some way for your may not see it coming, but something nice will happen to you! I have massive cleaning and laundry to do today and paperwork I should get to. Its a durn shame that on my days off, I stay so busy that I really get more rest when I'm working! Do you ever feel like that?


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        Good morning!

        I will be leaving soon to have pre-op test at the hospital. then we have a little shopping to do and it will be back to the T&T recipe boards for this girl!

        It is very nice here today, but rain is on the way ...oh well our tomato plants will like that!

        Have a nice day everyone


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          Im working 7-3:30 and heading to buy a 2 yr old Bday gift (ideas???) for Sat am.
          Then home to make double tomato bruschetta for the BBQ we are going tonight.. at a friends new house. Feel like time flys by going to so tired by tonight.
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            Well today is actually going to be a nice slow day for us. After 6 days of nonstop going it feels nice to be a home for a little while. We've already been to the fairgrounds today to pick up the rabbits, goats aren't coming home they got sold. We've also already seperated our buck from his girls(he's not happy). While we were doing that we found 4 baby chicks. there so so cute. The rest of the day will be spent doing a little yard work a little house work. But mainly just sittin back and relaxing till this evening. DS1 has to go sell his goat tonight and then there is the youth dance he is going to.

            It's going to be a hot one here today. Hope y'all have a nice cool relaxing day.
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              I've been busy on the Recipes to Try board all morning. Now I'm off to get a haircut then I get to start getting things ready for a garage sale tomorrow morning.

              Have a great day!
              "There's no place like home..."


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                I'm not working today, so I am cleaning and sitting here instead of cleaning...