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Do you have Arthritis?

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  • Do you have Arthritis?

    I was diagnosed with it yesterday and I wasnt ready for this. I went to the doctor because my left knee makes such a crunching noise when I come down the stairs that it can be heard by anyone who is already downstairs. Doctor says to keep taking off the weight and keep it off, stop the high-impact exercises and the leg presses at the gym (I was really loving these!). Ice my knee twice a day and take 2 Aleve twice a day to help with the inflammation. I know I'm a nurse, but I am really being a big baby over this. I didnt want to have arthritis! Wahhhhhhhhh

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    I've been tested several times for RA with negative results but tests come back positive for polyarthritis and really not sure what that means but I think it could be that I could or could not have RA. Time will tell


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      You have the right to be upset . Try to follow docs advice.
      He is correct about the weight thing. One pound of weight equals 3 pounds of pressure on a joint.So if you are 20 pounds over weight your knee joint is grinding 60 pounds of pressure.Thats like tieing a 60 pound sack of sand to your knee and waliking around all day with it.OUCH!

      So yes you will feel a great amount of relief if you lose weight.

      I take Advil ,alieve did not work at all for me.

      Let up on the weight trainning till you get weigh under control and inflamtion goes down.
      Try riding a stationary bike or using an Elliptical machine once you feel better.
      hang in there things will get better
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        Cotton, I sympathize with you. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, and arthritis. My lupus is the type that affects the joints. When I flare, I can hardly walk. Controlling your weight is a big factor as well as the type of exercise you do. I have just started an arthritis foundation approved aerobic exercise at the Y. I really can't tell how it is going to do since I have only gone 2 times.

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          I too have rheumatoid arthritis. So bad that I had to go on disability. Just saw my rheumatologist yesterday and he believes that I also have fibromyalgia. I have to take a very potent "cocktail" of medications.


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            yah i do. doc told me he saw it on the mri for my knee. but then he said......u are 50, so it is to be expected *sighs*. i dont wanna get old!!!!!!!!!

            i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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              I have psoriatic arthritis (kind of like rheumatoid), it takes a very expensive, potent combination of drugs to keep it under control. I was recently told that I now have the beginnings of osteoarthrits as well. It's the pits.
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                I have arthritis and I take Glucosamine tablets every day. I think it's helping because my hips are now less painful. I know that my knees would benefit from me losing weight. We're well into our coldest winter for several years so I'm blaming the cold weather.
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