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  • Need Your Opinions On Recipe Requests On Old Board

    Several of us members are copy and pasting the recipes from the other site to this site and it takes quite a bit to get through one page, copy and then paste to here.

    The Diet and Holiday forums are done and Recipes to Try and Tried and True will be done soon.

    The only forum left is Recipe Requests and since that forum is over 125 pages long it could take the 4 of us several weeks to complete. Here are some concerns:

    **Many posts are unanswered
    **Many recipes posted are already on the site in Tried & True or somewhere else and we may get duplicates or triplicates or even more of the same recipe
    **The recipe came from another source and is not T&T

    So, would you all be upset if that forum did not get moved over here? I think if any of us were "watching" a post over there could just start a new one over here and start fresh? What do you all think? This is everyone's message board and we need your thoughts.

    Thanks so much for being patient.

    One other thing: I know there are duplicate and even triplicate's of the same recipe over here already. If you notice one of yours like that is a duplicate could you please let the one who moved it here to delete one of them since we would be the only one to be able to delete it, besides Stephanie, and that would be too much for her to do.

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    I am not shy about asking again if I cant find something I need. In fact, I might get different responses the 2nd time around. So IMHO, I dont mind at all if they dont get moved over.


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      I think we should start anew.. and not worry about moving recipe requests over and start recipe requests here.
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        Would not be upset at all! It is too much work for you ladies to do. You have done enough for us already! Your help has truly been appreciated.

        I'm sure if someone has a "request" they could easily repost for it.



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          I think requests should start anew as well, You Ladies did such a great job. Thank you so much.
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            What a great signature line kula.


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              Start anew.
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                You could cull through them and if there are any outstanding threads, just keep those.


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                  I say don't bother. Start fresh. You've all done a lot of work already, on the important stuff. Thank you. I for one really appreciate it!


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                    I agree.......just start new. Thanks to all of you for your hard work!!!! It is greatly appreciated.



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                      I agree, start fresh.


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                        I agree, start fresh.

                        You have gone over and above bringing over all the recipes. We can always ask again.

                        thank you,


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                          I agree, start fresh. Is there an echo in here?


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                            Hello hello hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo...hehehe


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                              Start anew ... agree that you sometimes get different responses and new ideas. You guys have worked very hard already.