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Anyone besides me hang out their laundry?

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    I am fanatical about hanging laundry out to dry! I get teased about it by hubby (don't know why, the clothes have to dry anyway) My fav is to use Downy in the rinse.
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      I love to hang out my clothes to dry. I use the dryer for my towels as I find they stiffen up and are rough. I like the softness of towels in the dryer. I love my clothes dried outside in the sunshine and they smell great. I dry outside usually from April until October.


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        I hung out my clothes and have had a number of different types of lines throughout they years. I regret that now that I am in an apartment, those days are over. My 2 favorite laundry lines? 1. The one on the pully system. The clothes went up high and flapped in the wind. I stood in one place and hung. 2. the one that collapsed like an umbrella. Lots of hanging space, took up very little space.
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