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  • MsNette
    Todays a fun day for me..

    Went to Kohls.. I have a 30% off!

    Doing laundry

    Party tonight .. have to bake chocolate chip caramel nut bars and hidden valley ranch pretzels.

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  • wishingstar
    Saturday -

    nieces party
    declutter desk
    sort paperbacks
    move more recipes


    More recipe moving ...if were not done
    who knows what else!

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    Guest replied
    bumping to page one

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  • cottun
    Tonite - going to stockcar races if it doesnt rain

    Tomorrow and Sunday - working both days, after work doing 1 pantry inventory tomorrow and another on Sunday

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  • gimmerecipes
    Today- worked, visited with friends, took a trip out to my folks and went to the credit union and sent bills out from the post office. Going to dinner with my dad tonight.

    Tomorrow- work for a few hours in the early am. Hauling down some furniture for a yard sale from one of the spare bedrooms and some up from the basement. Cleaning off a love seat that's full of dog hair from when I had my dalmation. It needs to go in the yard sale, but not looking like it is now. LOL.

    Sunday- work a few hours in the early am. Sitting on my butt the rest of the day not caring about the housework and the laundry. LOL. I might even be really lazy and do crockpot meals Saturday and Sunday.

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  • EMail Queen
    Today - Working
    Tonight - Chilling
    Tomorrow - regular cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping
    Tomorrow Night - Big Family Cookout & Family Fun Game Night
    Sunday - Relaxing...........

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  • Britmum
    Let me see.....

    Today........wait on computer by window for UPS guy.

    Saturday.....Play on unicycle

    Sunday.......Ditto.... AND INDOORS COS IT"S SUPPOSED TO RAIN!!!

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  • Maddison
    --sort papers/magazines/junk mail
    --wash all dog beds and blankets
    --regular laundry
    --clean kitchen floor, counters, table
    --shop for tomorrow's dinner
    --go pick up DH from work, go to Ruby Tuesday

    --cook big dinner
    --clean bathroom, vaccuum house, dust
    --have mom over for dinner
    --oh better get her a gift, too (what???)


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    Guest replied
    Today and Tonight:
    *going to a new doc
    *dsd's graduation ceremony
    *transfer recipes

    *something constructive around the property
    *transfer recipes

    *still up in the air
    *transfer recipes
    Everyone have a wonderful weekend

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  • Chefkel
    to do

    Clean floors & bathroom
    Farmers market & reg grocery shop
    2 BBQ stop by's
    Special dinner sat night for Hubby
    Costco,Crate and Barrel shopping

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  • AngID
    started a topic This weekend

    This weekend

    To Do List

    Clean apartment
    Go grocery shopping
    Drop off laundry at cleaners
    Install plant hooks and hang plants
    Remove ugly bathroom curtain and rod
    Find new rod and curtain for bathroom
    Find towel holders, shelf and a toiletries basket for bathroom

    Will be making batches of finger steaks and chicken strips to seal-a-meal and freeze for later dinners and/or snacks. Need to whip up a batch of bloomin' onion dip and ranch dressing cos I use them as dipping sauces for almost anything
    Making chinese food on Saturday, which takes *forever*

    I'm tired just thinking about it! LOL

    What are you doing this weekend?