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Holy cwapola!

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  • Holy cwapola!

    Filled the car up with gas. 46.00 for 12 gallons. Ridiculous!

    12.49 for a gallon of vegetable oil. *shaking head*

    3.99 for one artichoke

    I'm gonna need a second job or a sugar daddy!

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    I Filled Up Today At Lunch And It Was Over 55.00, Yikes!!!


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      put $75 gas in the suburban got 21 gal!!! rediculous!! and it's not even full, 40gal tank!! OWCH!!! gal of veg/canola oil is only $8-9, so not as bad. Never have bought an artichoke so don't know differences there. It's getting where you can't afford to work or eat! and no cost of living raises here for had a cost of living raise!!! We use to get them every so often at the hospital, but not here!


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        Yeah it is outrageous. I think when it warms up I may be taking my motorcycle a couple of days a week. Gas is 3.69 here a gallon.


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          A few gas stations here over the weekend hit the $4.00 mark.. Has anybody here yet heard WHY gas keeps going up? What gives? And what I've seen go up alot are bananas. .82 cents a pound..


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            Originally posted by AngID
            I'm gonna need a second job or a sugar daddy!
            My vote is for a sugar daddy!!! Much more fun than working!! hehehe

            I put over $300 in my minivan this month. That is over twice what I normaly put in...but then found out it was being syphoned. So snag yourself a locking gas cap folks...its coming to that.

            God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.


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              ....and a man that actually listens....priceless!


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                Huffle.... excellent idea!!! Just put it on my shopping list for tomorrow.
                Hubby just asked me how I managed to go through my disabilty check so quickly this mth. Hmmmmm Gas and groceries takes nearly 1/2 my check a mth. I dread shopping more than ever now.


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                  I went to fill up the Jeep Wagoneer Sunday and it cost $45 for only 12 gallons. Gas here is $3.50 and diesel, which is what we used to normally drive is $4.10 a gallon. With the way groceries are going up it's time to have a huge garden. It's getting really hard to raise cattle with the price of everything going up except the price we get for cattle. It's killin us.
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