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    Yesterday a tornado struck less than 5 minutes from where I live. I was at work when it hit, which is 45 minutes away from my home. At work, I kept hearing on the news that the twister had caused a 10 mile trail of damage in my area, so I was scared to death that my home (and my animals!) had been in the path. It dawned on me that if my home was ever damaged in a natural disaster or a fire, I wouldnt even know until I got home from work! I have no friends or family in the area where I live, and I only know my neighbors by sight. Though I dont know my neighbors well at all, if you were me, would you give one of them your phone number at work so they could call you if something happened to your home while you were working? I was lucky this time - the tornados path was in the opposite direction, so I only got a few yard things blown around. It scared me enough tho to think ahead about the next time something could happen!

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    yes.......i would find someone there. start talking to your neighbors and decide which one to give the number too. do a reverse "welcome" and take them some cookies

    i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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      I'd absolutely talk to your neighbors. I work at home so I'm always taking escaped pets home. I honestly think most people want to help. I'd even see if you feel comfortable enough to give your key to someone in case there is a problem they could get your animals.


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        You could even use the tornado as a talking point. Tell them that you realized how fragile everything is and that you would appreciate their calling you should anything like this happen again and you would do the same for them.

        I like the idea of taking them some baked goods as well.


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          I Agree, Even The Key Idea, That Way They Can Get Your Animals If Need Be. I Live In A Small Town, We All Know Where Each Other Works And Phone #'s, And.... We Never Lock Our Doors!


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            I don't know about the key idea, for neighbors you only know by sight.. JMO..
            I'd be afraid they'd be snooping around in my house while I was at work. I'd just give them my work and cell #'s... Once you get to know them well enough to trust them, then I might consider a key way down the road..
            Glad you didn't get damage to your house and animals.


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              I agree, wait with giving out keys, but yes, I think it's a good idea for neighbors to have each others phone #, home and work. We live in a cul de sac, and we have each others numbers, even those people we just wave to.


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                need your opinion

                Yes give them your cell and work # and offer to help them too if they offer there number. I have all my close neighbor's numbers if something happens or if something looks out of place during the day. I would just hide a key, maybe in a jar in a shed, then if the neighbor calls, tell them where the key is located. Never know, you might lock yourself out sometime and need the key.


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                  I agree that you could find a safe place to hide your key and then if a disaster happens you could let a neighbor, police, or fire dept. know where to find it. I wouldn't put it where strong winds would blow a building over. There must be a large rock or some such that would be safe.