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Listerine White Strips.. ?

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  • Listerine White Strips.. ?

    Anybody have any good testimonials? Prefer a better brand?

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    Listerine whitening strips taste REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD! And your mouth will froth like you have a disease. Oh..they are really sick.


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      My dentist quit bleaching because he said you can get the same outcome with Colgate White Strips. He said he thought those were best. I haven't tried any. My dil tried the Colgate strips and she said it caused her teeth to be really sensitive and her gums to be sore at first


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        I've heard that all the strips can make your teeth so sensitive that they actually ache! I won't try them! But I read an article recently about the best one being like a paint stick or a lipstick-looking tube that's used by the hollywood stars that got the very best reviews. Sorry, I can't remember the name, but I'll bet if you look around a little online, you can find out what it was!
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          I use the Aquafresh WhiteTrays.

          I really noticed a difference with those. To be fair, I never could stick with the Crest Whitestrips because they were messy. They slid around on my teeth and whitened more in one spot than I said, maybe it was just me.

          The AquaFresh WhiteTrays have a thicker paste on the inside and the trays fit over and around your teeth. And if you HAVE TO you can talk (uh, sorta! lol) and the trays won't slip all over the place. I *think* the max time is 45 minutes if you want.

          If you STICK TO IT and use one EVERY DAY for the week you WILL notice a difference.


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            what I don't like about them is the ads show them as a full strip, but they lack about an inch on each side. The first box I bought I thought were defective so I bought another box, same thing.

            I have a thing about inaccurate advertising.


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              I have never used them, but my granddaughter did for a while. She is not doing it anymore, I never could tell a difference in her teeth. SO did the tray thing for a while, not anymore, couldn't tell a difference there either.


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                My DD used the strips and said that once you could start to see a difference you could see it was darker between the teeth where the strips dont go in. Now she is much happier with the trays. So my bet would be to go with trays.

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