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    Syesha 15.08% ???????
    David C. 14.14
    David A. 9.42
    Jason C. 8.08
    Brooke w. 7.39

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    will Brooke ever go home?????? I can't even stand to look at her anymore. I used to really like her. I don't think she should get away with all the restarts and writing lyrics on her hands. I am glad that Ryan called her on that last night


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      Well, I thought Syesha did quite a good job last night. I really hate Jason. He always has such a smirky look on his face, like he knows something we don't or like he's performing in front of children. I wonder if he is any relation to Mr. Rogers....

      But I think Brooke will go tonight.
      Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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        Brooke to me reminds me of the earlier Kelly Pickler where she acted so phony and it seemed made up. Brooke tries to do the sweet and innocent but she doesn't play it well. I watch her when she doesn't think the camera is on her and when others go home she has a big grin on her face but when the camera shows them up close she has a sad look along with tears. My opinion the top three will be David, David, and Syesha! Brooke needs to go home and so does Jason. I wish this would go back to being a singing contest instead of a popularity contest or lets vote for the worst idol. Anymore it is popularity. How often does Jason have to suck before he goes home and I agree about Brooke and her missing words and stuff. Brooke or Jason would make me happy. (I already know but not going to give it away until everyone knows. My opinion is mine from the beginning.)

        Never regret something because at one point it was exactly what you wanted!