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  • Bought more cookbooks

    Why must I collect cookbooks? I read them like they are novels. So I was looking for the mustery book I wanted at Barnes and Noble online nad since I found one and was having it shipped anyways, I figured I would stroll down the virtual isles of cookbooks. Bought a french cookbook and a new canning book. I just cant wait till they get here, I hope it is before friday so I have something to read this weekend.

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    I Do The Same Thing. I've Run Out Of Shelves For My Cookbooks, Have Talked Dh Into Making The Short Wall In The Extra Bedroom We Will Be Redoing Soon, Into Shelves Along The Whole Wall, That Way I Can Spread Them Out Better And Pick What I Want. Right Now On The Floor And End Table At My End Of The Couch, Theirs A Couple Different "piles" Of Cookbooks That I Read While Watching Tv! Looks Sloppy, I Need To Get The Shelves Up!


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      I am with you guys, I don't buy that many books, but I read the ones I have like they are fiction books. I have all of Giada's books and Ina's. And what I like about their books is the beautiful pictures that go with each recipe. It sure helps to envision what the end result is supposed to look like.


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        Most of the people that I know that collect cookbooks all read them like novels. I love them. Have a few under the coffee table in the living room right now as well as on my night table in the bedroom. Let's not forget the two that are sitting on the back of the toilet . Love 'em. And, yes, how can you stop from adding one or two now and then?


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          I'm Glad Someone Else Will Read A Cookbook In The Bathroom! Lol I'll Be In There Sitting..... Reading A Cookbook, Dh Will Come In, That's Just Gross You Don't Eat In The Bathroom. I'm Like... I'm Not Eating I'm Reading A Cookbook. He Thinks It's The Same Thing! Men! Good Quiet Spot To Read I Say!!