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  • Kidney help

    My DH's Dr. told him to loose weight cause his kidney readings are high. Told him if he doesn't make changes he is headed for dializes(sp). Any helpful info is greatly appreciated and diet info also. Very frigten about this.

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    See If Your Doc Can Get Him A Diabetic Diet. It's A Good Weight Loss Diet Also, Low Fat/chol. Good Luck With Everything.

    Or You May Look For The American Diabetes Association, May Be Able To Print Out A Diet. 1500-1800 Calories Per Day. For Weight Loss Probably More Like 1200-1500 Cal.


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      You may find some helpful tips here....


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        You are in for a long session of studying and reading just to ease your own mind and make him follow a proper diet low in sodium.

        Here's another few websites


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          The diabetes organization here in town offers free classes in menus / food preperations etc. Also their web sites has menu ideas. When SO was diagnosed with diabetes II we had a session with a dietician ( sp ? )


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            And please take it all very seriously. Kidney dialysis is something to be avoided at all costs if his health can be managed by diet and exercise!!

            Good luck! There's a lot of good info out there.
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              Thank you all for the the advice and info. TY TY