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Gooooood Morning Saturday!

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  • Gooooood Morning Saturday!

    Good morning CK friends!

    Today is:
    Repeat Yourself Day
    Old Maid Day
    Tattoo Day

    What a gorgeous morning it is here! We had thunderstorms yesterday evening and finally got a good rain to clear the air. The temps are much cooler and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend. How's the weather in your neighborhood this Saturday morning?

    A tune by the Carpenters.........

    Such a feelins comin over me
    There is wonder in most everything I see
    Not a cloud in the sky
    Got the sun in my eyes
    And I wont be surprised if its a dream

    Everything I want the world to be
    Is now coming true especially for me
    And the reason is clear
    Its because you are here
    Youre the nearest thing to heaven that Ive seen

    Im on the top of the world lookin down on creation
    And the only explanation I can find
    Is the love that Ive found ever since youve been around
    Your loves put me at the top of the world

    Something in the wind has learned my name
    And its tellin me that things are not the same
    In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze
    Theres a pleasin sense of happiness for me

    There is only one wish on my mind
    When this day is through I hope that I will find
    That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me
    All I need will be mine if you are here

    Im on the top of the world lookin down on creation
    And the only explanation I can find
    Is the love that Ive found ever since youve been around
    Your loves put me at the top of the world...

    I've got a busy day planned for today. I have to start getting our stuff together for our lil ole beach trip next week. I need to cook a few dishes for the boys since they will be "Home Alone". Arrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

    And I need to wash clothes, wash the car, wash the dog and finally.......go to church this evening so I can sleep in tomorrow morning!

    What's your plans for this beautiful Saturday?

    Wishing everyone a wunnerful, wunnerful Saturday!

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    Good Morning Everyone

    Ta-Ta looks like rain and it figures because we are heading off to the 6th annual Cash Bash to benefit a local volunteer fire company. They are giving away $25,000 in cash today so this is a very big event. Cash prizes from $100-$250 and top prize at $5,000 ~ I feel lucky today

    Today is also DSD's 18th Birthday. We stayed up till midnight so she can officially say she is now 18. I cannot believe all our kids are growing up so fast. She wants a tattoo so bad and since today is Tattoo Day, that wish just may come true because she has a card on the table with $100 in in


    Her boyfriend should be rolling in here soon for breakfast ~ hubby is cooking bacon, eggs, waffles and toast. There is also a DQ ice-cream cake in the freezer!!!

    Other than that, may get some wings with our group of people after the Cash Bash.

    Hope everyone has a great day.


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      Good morning!

      Good song Kat! not much happening here ...nice and cool so maybe I will get some laundry done and I am putting recipes in my recipecircus page, you know for safe keeping

      Have a nice day all!!!


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        Fatkat sounds like your DSD will have a nice birthday today! hehe funny today is tattoo day on her!! imagine that


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          Wishing, I love recipecircus. I have it up in another window right now as I'm preparing some remoulade sauce off of my own recipes. I love when I'm out of town that I can always pull up my recipes too.

          It's only freaked me out once when the site was down and I needed one of my recipes right then.

          Oh yes, FatKat, Happy birthday to your DSD. It is a weird coincidence that today is Tattoo Day........and I didn't make that up! LOL!


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            Good morning all. Well today is the start of our county fair for us WOOHOO we have to cram morning and and evening chores into morning ones for the next few days. Today we go get the goats haircuts and maybe pick our pens of rabbits. There's a rodeo tonight that we're thinking bout going to. Should be a nice day.
            ""Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you're just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.""


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              Good morning....

              wished the puppy would have slept in 1 more hour,,,i have lots to do today i need to go to the bone cracker this monring and i really should go grocery shopping it's been a month ,,i have tons of wash and dishes to do,,,and go out to the land and take care of the horse's and water my garden.....
              i am so cold right now it's not even funny...everyone have a great day and stay warm....
              I'm Not Bossy, I just have better ideas


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                GM All. It's really nice here today with cooler temps too. Im gonna hang around home today and do a fast clean and maybe work outside for a little bit.
                Fatkat.......Tell DH to set another place for breakfast.........Im on my way!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH!! Can we have cake for dessert for breakfast???
                Hope everyone has a great Saturday.


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        's cold here today, too!!!! And we are off to Williamport for DD#1's college roomies' wedding!!!!!!!! Maybe the rain will stop and the sun will come out b/f the wedding at 5pm. I am wearing sleeveless w/ a of now.....all my other dresses are too big. Oh will be fine and should be very nice.

                  Daisy pup went w/ DD#3 last eve and will be back home tomorrow eve. The house is so quiet w/o her!!!

                  Gotta run.......enjoy your day, friends!



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                    Hello and happy Saturday everyone!
                    Happy Birthday, Ashley!!
                    Today I'm going to work on camp scrapbooking--from our trip a few weeks ago to Cook Forest.
                    I'll also do some laundry.
                    I want to do a fire in the firebowl tonight, so I gotta see about getting some wood. I sure do like to burn things.
                    Have fun at the Cash Bash, fatkat. I sure hope you win big!