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    hopfully by the end of May, I will have the newer version of vbulletin 3.7.0 in place. Here are some of the features. I may go ahead and allow the pictures, but you are at your own risk, and the responsibility is upon yourself for protecting your computer from viruses.

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    Very Impressive TYVM!

    I am excited about pic's!!!!!!

    Just a little FYI ....

    I will also say photobucket is VERY sneaky and I have even sent many people here pm's so will post the info here for all to hopefully see, please everyone go check to be certain your accounts are REALLY private!

    I read this on another board I went to awhile ago and it works! here it is:

    If you have a photobucket album go check your settings. Even if your albums are set to private you must unclick the "link back to album" setting on the album settings page otherwise anyone can get into your album by clicking on a tag you have posted. You will know how many hits you have had there too. I'd had 53,330 this month and I thought my album was private. Ok so go to "account options" at the top right of the page you'll see there how many hits you have had...go to "edit my album settings" and uncheck the "image link back to album" box then click save.


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      I've Noticed Since My Company Updated To Whatever The Newest Internet Explorer, That When I Highlight An Address To Copy And Paste, That A Couple Little Boxes Pop Up And You Can Click Your Curser On There And Take You Directly To The Site Without Copying And Pasting, Just Have To Highlight The Link.

      Did That Make Any Sense At All?


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        That looks quite impressive. Do you have an option of selecting certain aspects of this for the new board and not selecting some of the others???
        I don't like those captcha things because I have trouble reading them. I tried the ones for the vision impaired and it didn't work either.
        I am excited about the picture thing as well.
        I just discovered some things about photobucket today when I googled my e- mail address (posted a thread to this subject) and almost every invasion was related to my photobucket account. I will have to go in there and change some things. Thanks for the info Martha.