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Fun things for the May long weekend

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  • Fun things for the May long weekend

    The Follicle Festival – A Sure Sign of Spring

    The annual leg shaving competition kicks off again this May long weekend. As Canadians who suffer from long winters we tend to let the old leg hair grow for warmth. Often, as it lengthens it is interesting to see the creative braiding used to make the sight of the hair more bearable. Of course braiding is rather unsightly under leotards as the braids and bows make unattractive lumps beneath the opaque covering.

    However, once a year comes spring and so we let our hair down, literally. Off come the bows and the shaving commences. There are many hair removal approaches, shaving using electric or blade razors, depilation (e.g., epilady), depilatories (Nair, NADS, etc.), sugaring, threading and tweezers. For some who wish never to be bothered with this, electrolysis is the answer. Some ways are quicker than others, some are more painful. The end result is smooth, hair-free legs.

    The fun begins though when we measure the amount of hair removed and a prize is awarded to the one that lost the most hair. Of course this would then limit how the hair is removed as some ways (depilatories and electrolysis) tend to lessen the amount of hair and if you have less volume then you have less/no chance of winning the contest.

    Last year the prize went to Vlada Nokoffchukski (many believe the lovely Vlada used to be Vladimir before major hormonal replacement/surgery and then immigration to Canada).

    The Follicle Festival is held each year in downtown Toronto. Participants put on their designer paper gowns (you know the ones – you wear them annually at the doctor’s office when you get your physical). Some gowns are decorated with artistic touches; many are left their original antiseptic white.

    The opening ceremonies are always filled with fun. The Bare-Naked Ladies perform and then the ribbon tossing ceremony begins. It is very colorful and festive. All the participants remove the ribbons from their leg hair braids and when the music reaches a crescendo they toss the mass of ribbons into the air like so much confetti.

    The contest commences with each participant choosing her method of hair removal. An impartial judge sits with each lady to make sure there is no cheating (back or chest hair, small cuttings from head, etc.). All leg hair is gathered into small linen bags, washed thoroughly and dried to remove soap, gel, etc. from the follicles. The bags are then weighed and the winner announced. First prize almost always goes to Vlada. No one can match our Vlada for hair production.

    Second and third place is usually fought over as hair weight is a lot closer in these categories and the second place winner usually only wins (you’ve got it), by a hair.

    Come and join us in Toronto for The Follicle Festival.

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    Funny, I have to share this one with my girlfriend who was born and raised in Montreal.


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      That is hysterical !!


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        i swear,i dont care who is elected president, im not going to canada till after may, lol