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  • Throwing Babies

    Did you see the TMZ clip on how India throws babies off the wall for good luck? That part of their culture has just got to change.

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    Din, I did see it and it really scared me, they did say they did this for a long time and not one child got hurt. I think about shaken baby syndrome. I'll be da*n if they did that to my kid. Wasn't that scarey???


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      Omigosh I did see that last night and me and DH almost fell over. Some of those babies were floppin around all crazy like. Dropped 50 feet. C'mon who are these people?! Poor babies.


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        Weren't they cute though? And I loved the guy that caught them on the first bounce, how do you get that job? It's like he's the official baby catcher.

        I mean, it was horrible, but the babies were darling.


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          Um my kids arent babies anymore, but can we try it still?


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            Originally posted by muzette7
            Um my kids arent babies anymore, but can we try it still?
            ha ha ha!

            I saw a report on GMA this morning about it. They've been doing it for years w/ no injuries... but can you imagine people doing it here?

            They talked about things we do that other cultures find bizarre and terrible. The reporter talked about a nomadic tribesman who they took out of the jungle and took him to Vancouver, Canada. He was most shocked at homeless people... how could people who have so much not care for those who have nothing?? And that we civilized people raised animals to eat! They hunt for food, but animals brought into their lives become like part of their family!

            Different cultures!!
            "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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              That does hit a nerve to see that some of us have been blessed with luxurys and others are homeless. I do feel sorry for those that try and just don't succeed but then there are the lazy that don't even try and they deserve nothing.


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                that was crazy..