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  • I have been gone for a while

    sickness and work and sickness with in the family I feel wiped out.Now I have a to ask something my granddaughter is 7 months old and she does not like formula at all she not just spits up she throws it up,so I tried her on the milk free milk can not remember the name of the milk and she loved it.Anyway we took her to her doctors appoitment today and he yelled at us and said she had to be on formula for a year that milk can make a baby sick .I told him that she has only been on the other for 2 days and he said he did not care to get her back on formula and I said how do you force a baby to drink something she does not like.Anyone know why a baby a 7 month old baby can not have milk?

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    I found this for you.....

    A seven month old baby cannot digest cow's milk. The baby could starve to death. Babies that age need their mother's milk or an approved formula. As to side effects, it could be diarrhea, stomach ache, rash, colic, and a host of things. Cow's milk before the age of one can even cause diabetes.

    Babies need iron, zinc and vitamin E. Cow's milk does not contain this. Cow's milk does contain too much sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can tax your baby's kidneys.

    I also read that giving cow's milk to a baby under one can cause intestional bleeding.
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      what kind of formula? is it powdered or the ready to feed? i was given samples of the ready to feed. dd2 threw it up, dd3 just looked at me and spit it back out. and just looking at it, it looked nasty. kinda yellow looking and very thick. they did well with the powdered tho, since it is thin like breast milk. i breast feed them most of the time, but wanted some on hand for just in case.

      i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!


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        Try the carnation brand powdered baby formula, it is the most wonderfull stuff ever.


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          I was wondering where you were, Brenda, and I'm glad to see you back! I can't offer any advice about your granddaughter because times have changed so much since I raised my own kids...and all of mine were breastfed except for one. Back when my kids were born, there were only 3 or 4 types of formula to choose from. But I am glad to see you back, and I'm sorry for your troubles.


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            Hi Brenda! Welcome back! I remember your trials and tribulations w/ DD and her expecting the granddaughter you're worried about now!

            I breast fed too, but the advice here is good. Try the powdered formula. It's so different from the thick ready made stuff. It might just do the trick!
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              Maybe the Dr. can suggest another brand of formula to use. I used the powdered with my kiddos & they liked it fine.
              After the baby is a year old you can switch to cows milk but it needs to be whole milk not 2% or skim. Guess the baby's brain development needs the fats that are in whole milk.


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                Ya know, I have never been able to get my mind around the whole cow's milk thing. 30 some odd years ago, my Dr. put DS on to cow's milk (and 2 % at that) at 3 months because he was 'gaining too much weight on formula'. 3 years later, same Dr. said that DD had to stay on formula until she was at least 9 months old--even though she was getting really rolly polly. Jump to today....DS is slim and doesn't seem to have a lot of problems staying that way. DD is heavy--has been since she hit 22 and just cannot seem to keep the weight off.

                I completely agree that breast feeding is the absolute best way to go, but.... I am you mean LACTOSE FREE MILK??? If that is the case, your granddaughter might be lactose intollerant (which is not uncommon) and there are formulas that have no lactose--including goats milk.
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                  My twins were born premature as most are and one couldn't hold down formula. It was just something he had to outgrow. Anyways, what helped his formula stay down was adding that baby rice into the formula...just a little. When I switched doctors it was wonderful. He took my baby off of the medicine he was on and told me to do this and it worked.


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                    try a soy based formula also, it has a different taste.



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                      Soy is a good one to try, its healthier and sweeter- she should take to it.