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  • I am shocked

    I was reading the thread about googling your name and I googled my e- mail name and [I] was shocked. The ones that came up mobile(when I sometimes have used the internet on my phone) takes you directly to my photobucket which I have marked as private and pops up 3 different pics, one of a cake I made Patrick, one of me and one of me and my son! I can't believe that.
    The other ones take you directly HERE!!! They are from when I posted threads with the links to copy and paste to see my pictures lately. A couple of others are sites I visited or joined forums on ( Like Jo-Ann fabrics)
    I guess there is absolutely no privacy on the internet.
    The only thing that really bothers me is I never wanted to have pictures associated with my E-Mail, only myspace,facebook and a couple of others. Guess it's too late now.
    Also, it has the entire thread when you pull it up and if you wrote something you don't want someone you know to read you are SOL!!! It's all there! HA HA !
    That just ruined my day! LOL!

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    I Wonder Though, If It Let You In Your "private" Photobucket, Because It Was You Yourself Going To The Site. Or Do You Log Out Everytime You Go Out Of Photobucket. I Don't Log Out And When I Go There From Home Or Work, It Automatically Logs Me In, So I Wonder If That Happened To You. You May Want To Log Out, Then Try It And See If It Still Lets You In, Or Use Someone Elses Computer To Try. (i'll Google Mdt333 See What I Get)


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      I just read something Wishingstar posted in the thread about new updates to the site about photobucket and I am going in there to double check things.
      There are times for a short period I will have it not private to make it easier to share since I have trouble with their links sometimes but I always change it back.Will let you know what I find out.
      ( NU: I sent you a PM)


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        I Googled Mdt333, Got Stuff From Here, Ebay, But Nothing From Photobucket.


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          Originally posted by nuisance
          I Googled Mdt333, Got Stuff From Here, Ebay, But Nothing From Photobucket.
          guess I better google that now, didn't think I ever used it anywhere but here??? My, I must be getting old!!!


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            I googled my email address and there is nothing, no matches.. Phew !!


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              I'm clean,,,phew!!!!!!!!

              found sumthin about my son tho ahhhhhhh
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