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    Handing my son over to the Army has taken some getting used to. He has been at Ft Benning, Ga since March 18, and I've received one 10 minute phone call from him and a few letters. Luckily I found an Army parent support forum that helps all us parents understand the Army way. I learned this morning not to send anything in a box to your "soldier" because the Drill Sargeant will make them do a many pushups as the postage. Also if any letter is addressed incorrectly, they have to do 25 pushups. They are allowed 5-7 minutes to eat. ACK! When he called, he said they had been in the field for 3 days for markmanship, they'd only gotten about 3 hrs sleep a night...he had a cold and cough. Plus they sometimes withhold mail from them and only give once a week.. He's tough and ok with all of it, but dang it's hard for a Mom to hear! LOLOL Oh and for heaven's sake..don't make the mistake of sending a letter in a colored envelope..only white I guess colored paper is only for woosies lol

    A day without laughter is a day wasted...Charlie Chaplin

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    When Babe's son was in Marine boot camp, we heard the same things. And god forbid they received a letter in a pastel colored envelope that was sprayed w/ perfume!

    So... evil parents that we are... you KNOW what we did!!
    "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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      My Hubby's Cousin's Son Was Just In Basic Training And He Said The Same Thing. When You Got A Letter You Had To Do Pushups, But Where Is Was They All Liked Mail And It Didn't Matter To Them That They Had To Do Pushups.


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        Oh my goodness... How sad for you mothers.. Sounds like prison. Hat's off to your son's and cousin.. Tell them thanks from all of us.. !


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          Well, when I botch things up, I do it royally....when DD was in Air Force boot camp, I sent her about 5 pounds of her favorite homemade brownies. She got very lucky tho....her drill sargeant was a female who gave her and her whole squad exactly 2 minutes in a closed room with the box of brownies with orders that when the door was opened, there had not better be one speck of evidence that the brownies ever existed. DD said they crammed all those brownies down so fast that they all felt sick afterwards.

          I know its hard on you, but hang in there. After boot camp, things ease up so much, and he will truly enjoy life after the hard part is over!


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            I always sent cookies and brownies when my fiance was in the army. He asked for them. He just said to make sure I sent enough for the platoon. He never had to do pushups, but that was a few years ago.....quite a few years ago

            sorry to hear this



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              Those rules only apply for basic training.


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                basic is where I sent mine, but it was at Fort Knox about 25 years ago!!!!!

                I made chocolate chip cookies and brownies..

                I sent him a card everyday and most of them were in pretty girly colors....who knows, I have gotten him beat half to death lol he never said anything and he always asked for more
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                  Ya know when you get a letter or a box from home you will willingly do a ton of pushups for it. And if it contains homemade treats all the end up sharing them and then EVERYONE looks forward to you getting mail.
                  I was in the army way back when. It is not as bad as it seems the lack of sleep and all is find, if the kids were home and went out with friends and all they would be up. Or like my DS works 10pm to 6am sometimes with other stufff going on misses a nights sleep. They are young and will get over it.

                  Make it fun do like Luvs said send a pink envelope saturated in perfume. He will get a laugh out of it and so will his buddies.
                  Keep your chin up and be as proud of him as my parents were of me.
                  The picture of my in my dress uniform is the one my dad loved and cherished the most. I look back and am glad I did it and have never regretted one minute of basic. I can now say it was actualy fun. One day he will too.

                  God grant me the serenity to accept the yarn I cannot return... courage to change the yarn I can... and the reciept to know the difference.