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    Well, last week I was singing their praises to someone here on the forum, but now I have a gripe about this company. I've ordered from them in the past and been satisfied, but they screwed me over today...

    A few days ago I ordered a comforter set which I REALLY wanted ($49.99) and just for the heck of it, they had a clearance deal - buy one blanket throw and get 2 free for $6.66 (for all 3 of them). I ordered by phone and was told everything was in stock . Today I checked the status of the order online....the blanket throws shipped, but the comforter set is backordered until August! They already shipped the blanket throws, and they charged me over $22.00 for the shipping! Now I could understand being charged $22.00 to ship it ALL at one time, but why the hell would I buy 3 blanket throws for $6.66 and pay that much for shipping????

    I was so mad! Of course I cancelled the order for the comforter because I'm not gonna wait that long for it. But they could have told me the truth about it being out of stock so I didnt get ripped off on the deal! GRRRRRRRRR!

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    I hate that shipping & handling, sometimes it's almost as much as the product. I heard (CNN?) that June 1st amazon will be charging their customers sales tax. They said NY based companies will be doing it. If they charge sales tax plus s&h I don't think I will be ordering on line that much.


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      I think I'd have cancelled the whole order and just refused it when it was delivered!

      I tend to order online only when I get free or really cheap shipping. I've tried to order things in the past where the shipping was more than the item!!
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